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38℃ AUDIO & MUSIC GROUP   38℃音響唱片有限公司
A3audio - professional sound reinforcement loudspeakers
Aaholm Audio Pages
Aanvil Audio
Aardvark Digital Audio
Aaron High End Amplifiers
Aaron's Electronics page
Aavik - audio furniture - Denmark
ABA Audio - High-End Audio: Tweaks and Modifications
Abbey Road Studios
Abbott's Audio and Video - Las Vegas, NV
AB International Electronics
A Brown Soun - California's Top Speaker Repair and Sales Facility - San Rafael, CA
Absolute Sounds - Berlin, Germany
A&B Sound - Canada
ABT Electronics
Acarian Systems, Ltd.- Alon Loudspeakers
ACA's Internet Site - Audiophile Club of Athens
ACA's Internet Site - Audiophile Club of Athens [mirror site]
Acapella Audio Arts - Loudspeakers
Accuton - Thiel & Partner GmbH - ceramic membrane loudspeakers drivers - Pulheim, Germany
Accutronics - independant distributor of electronic components
Acer Car Sounds
ACI, Audio Concepts, Inc.
ACI, Audio Concepts, Inc. - Discussion forum at SMR
AcousTex is a manufacturer of acoustically transparent fabrics
Acoustic Components - High-End Studio & Speaker Systems - Krems, Austria
Acoustic Concepts - DIY speakers - Victoria, Australia
Acoustic Dreams
Acoustic Energy Limited UK
Acoustical Interiors - Acoustical treatment manufacturer
Acoustical Sigma Group - Active Crossover Design Software
Acoustical Society of America
Acoustic Image
Acoustic Innovations Inc.
Acoustic Plan - German audio manufacturer [speakers and electronics] Konstanz, Germany
Acoustic Revolution
Acoustical Solutions
Acoustics First Corporation
Acoustic Solutions - loudspeakers for the audiophile - UK
acoustics.eu.com - general resource in acoustics
Acoustic Sound Design - mail order online
Acoustic Technology International Inc.(ATII)
ateAcoustik Musik - mastering and restoration studio - Oberlin, Ohio
Acoustisoft - Speaker design software
ACP - Audio Cabinet Part - cabinets for DIY speaker projects
Action Electronic Wholesale Company - DIY parts - Santa Ana, CA
Acurus, Aragon
Acutron Electroacustica Lda - Broadcast equipment, Industrial Sound, Test and measurement
ADA - Audio Design Associates Inc.
ADA - Audio Design Associates Inc.
Adagio - Lautre Auditorium
Adam Hall - Pro Audio - Germany
A.D.A.M. Professional Audio - Studio monitors using the Accelerated Ribbon Transducer
Adam's Car Audio Site
ADI - Audio Design Innovations - Loudspeakers
Adire Audio - DIY Loudspeakers, Design Services, and Components
Adiva Technology - Passive Component supplier
Adnan Arduman's coverage of HiFi 99 [Chicago]
a/d/s - analog and digital systems a subsidiary of ADST
Advance Technologies - Telluria loudspeakers
Aerial Acoustics - Loudspeakers
AER Full-Range Loudspeakers
AES - Audio Engineering Society
Affordable Audio - Northampton, UK
Affordable Portables
Affordable Valve Company - class a amps for 60 pounds UK
Aglaophone - A system for real-time analysis and processing of sound
A. G. Tannenbaum - service manuals
Ahrens Audio - Vintage HiFi - Somborn Germany
AIPL - ACOUSTIC INFORMATION PROCESSING LAB, LLC - technology for the digital audio
AIFA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD     愛華音樂出版社有限公司
A. J. Design - subwoofer design software for audio enthusiasts
AkAbak(c) Acoustic Simulation Software
Akai DPS12 Frequently Asked Questions [maintained by Ben Hall]
AKG Acoustics
AKKUS - Wejherowo, Poland
Alan Kimmel's Tube Audio Lab
Alan Stewart Studio Construction & Acoustic Treatment
Alaskan Audio Arts - High-Quality audio products, DIY projects, parts and service
albs ALLTRONIC Balthasar Schmidt - Audio products, Amplifiers, parts - 珼isheim Germany
Alchemea - College of Audio Engineering
Alchemist USA
ALCO Holdings Company - HK - manufacturer of electronic parts
Alesis Corporation
Alessandro Galavotti's DHT Home Page - DIY amplification and speakers
Alfa & Beta Co., Ltd - car speakers
Algorythme - tube audio and more - Switzerland
Aliante - Speakers systems - Italy
Alienconcepts Incorporated
All Electronics Corp. - New and Surplus Electronics, Electro-Mechanical Parts, and Supplies
Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath
Alessandro Galavotti's DHT Home Page - DIY Tube audio
Allied Electronics - electronic parts
Allison Technology Corporation
AllMan Music - Musical Instrument Speakers
AllMan Music - Musical Instrument Speakers - Amazon store
All Pro Sound
Allstar Show Industries Inc - Pro Audio-Video-Lighting Sales-Rentals-Service-Design in Western Canada's
All tHat jAzz & wHat NoT! - dedicated to music and audio
Alltronics - Electronic Component Supply - San Jose, CA
ALMA - American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association
Allnet Inc - distributor of audio and audio parts - Elk Grove Village, IL
Alon Loudspeakers - Acarian Systems, Ltd
Alpha-Core Inc.
Alpine of America
Alpine of Japan
Alps Electric Europe
Alps Electric Japan
Alps Electric USA
ALR/JORDAN - British Sound meets German Engineering
Al Shaffer's Tube Audio Page
Alstage Sound and Lighting - Pro Audio
Altai Company UK - Sound Lab Professional - professional sound and DJ equipment
Alta Vista Audio - Counterpoint Repair Center
Altec Lansing
Altec Lansing Professional
Altec Lansing's (unofficial) Homepage - hosted by Todd W. White
Alternate Audio - Affordable components for the hi-fi enthusiast
Alternity's Inverted Projected Tesseract Resonating Chamber loudspeakers
Alternative Audio, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Alternative Audio, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Altinex Inc - audio automation and control
Altis - Digital Audio Products
ALTMANN - German PRO Digital-Analog convertor
Amateur Home Theater - AHT
Amazon Audio Components at Walrus UK
Amazon.com Electronics
Amazon Electronics - DIY kits
Ambiance Acoustics - California Cube Loudspeaker System
Ambiance Speaker Systems - Ribbon Loudspeakers - Australia
Ambisonics and related 3-D audio research - University of York
Ambrosia Audio & Video
AMC Weltronics Corporation
AMDEX - America's Discount Electronix Xpress
Amek - Professional Audio Design and Manufacture
American Bass - woofers, amps, interconnects
American Digital
American DJ Supply, Inc
American Hi-Fi - Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
American L.B. Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd
American Sound of Canada - Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
American TV and Appliance - Madison WI
American Zettler, Inc
Americ Disc Inc - CD/DVD manufacturing
AMP - Alternate Music Press
Amphenol Corporation
Ampex Mailing List Home Page
Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. - Finland
AMP Incorporated
Amplifier Research - Radio design products
Amplifier Technology
Amplimo - TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS, tubes, esl loudspeakers and amplifier modules
AmpliVox, Inc. - portable voice reinforcement systems
Amps, MiniDisc and Headphones info
Ampwares - Tube Amp Parts, Vacuum Tubes and Tube Amp Building Supplies
AmpWorx - Vacuum Tube Preamp
AMS Neve
Am Stereo Works - The Specialty Electronics Site
Amstrad - UK manufacturer audio gear
Amtec Manufacturing Inc. (AMI) - OEM loudspeaker manufacturer
AMVECO, INC: Toroids & Toroidal Power Products
Analysis Plus, Inc - electromagnetic and electronic simulation and analysis
Analog Bros. - handmade tube amplification
Analog Devices, Inc
Analog Room - San Jose, CA
Analog Tube Audio - German dealer for tubes, repair & optimization, Phono cartridges, precision praezisions-Tonarmwaage
Analogue Heaven
Analysis Plus - Hollow Oval speaker cables
Anand's Hardware Tech Page - multimedia speaker reviews
ANATECH AB - Swedish manufacturer of tube audio, turntables, and loudspeaker systems 
Anatomy of Auditory
Anders Hjelm - Tube amps from Sweden
Anderson International Trading - DIY speaker cabinet materials [including cylinders]
Andrea Ciuffoli's Audio Design Guide
Andrea Electronics - microphones
Andreas Hnebeck's Modification and DIY Audio-Homepage
Andrews Audio/Video Homepage - Mailorder - Manhattan, NY
Angela Instruments
Angus Electronics
Anstendig Institute - non-profit organization - vibrational influences of our environment
Antique Electronics Supply
Anthony Gallo Acoustics
Antti Ojanperä's Hi-Fi Page
Antique Electronic Supply
Antique Radio Classified
Antique Sound Laboratory Limited - Tube amplifiers and transformers
Antique Sound USA - DIY kits speakers amplifiers and more
Anvil Studio - Windows 9x/NT freeware for multi-track audio/midi composing/recording/editing
Apature - cable & wire
Apex Jr. - surplus parts, DIY - audio gear - La Crescenta, CA
Aphex Systems, Ltd. - Microphone Preamps
API Audio Products, Inc.
Apogee Electronics
Apogee Sound International LLC
Applause Fine Audio and Art - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Apple Sound - hire and sale of sound equipment - UK
Applied Future Technologies Inc.
Applied Magic Inc.
Applied Microphone Technology AMT - Microphone manufacturer
Applied Research & Technology
Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State
Aprilsound - DIY parts and assemblies for audio equipment - tubes
Ampz pages - DIY audio power amplifiers
Aquarius HiFi - Athens Greece
ARA Car Audio
Arboretum Systems - Digital audio recording software
Arcam (A&R Cambridge Ltd)
Archimedes Products CC - DIY kits
Architech Magazine - bridging the gap between design and technology
Architectural Audio
ArciTec Acoustic Loudspeakers
ARCUS Audio GmbH - Berlin Germany
Archives On Audio/Rarefaction
Aren's Attic - DIY - How to build your own audio equipment - Aren van Waarde - Groningen, The Netherlands
Argent Audio and Rosinant - manufacturers of speakers, the Argent RoomLens, and DarkMatter stands
Ariel Page
Aries Electronics, Inc. - interconnects & Correct-A-Chip
Arizona Hi-fi, Specializing in Tube Audio Equipment, High-Performance Audio Products and Accessories. Sales, service, and advice
Arizona Classic Organ Consultants - Subwoofer components - Glendale AZ
Aronov Audio Laboratory, Inc. - Tube Components
Arn Roatcap, Inc. - Goldpoint Level Controls
Arnte's Sound Site
Aromat - Electronic Components Division DIY parts
Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page - DIY and info
ARP Electronics - electronic parts - Tilburg, the Netherlands
Array Technologies
ARS SALES CO - mail order car audio
Art Audio - Importers & Distributors of vacuum tube electronics - Cranston, RI
Artistic Audio - 360 degree bipolar transducer
ArtistLed Technology
ARTIST WORLD INT'L CO.,LTD    亞柏利國際企業有限公司
Art Loudspeakers
Art Ludwig's Sound Page
Art of Foley
Art of Sound - manufacturer of high end speakers and subwoofers
Art Simon's Minidisc Page and DIY Stealth Microphones fron old headphones
ARUVISA - ACTICA, RUIDO, VIBRACI, S.A. Madrid, Spain - Acoustics and Noise Control
ARX - "It's Australian for PRO Audio"ASC Acoustic Sciences Corporation
ASC Capacitors
Ashly Audio Inc.
ASK Electronics LTD - London, UK
Aspen Sound - MT & WA
Association of Professional Recording Services
Astro Too - SURPLUS/ELECTRONIC parts & equipment - Melbourne, Florida
Astorman - vintage & recent recording equipment
Astute Advance - online dealer for FASE & Performance amplifiers
ASUSA - Antique Sound USA - Vintage Audio Amplifiers and More
ASV Sebart - Tube Audio - Sezana, Slovenia
ATC - American Technology Corporation - sound reproduction technologies and electronic products - San Diego CA
athena TECHNOLOGIES by API Audio Products International Corp - Canadian Loudspeaker manufacturer
ATI Amplifier Technologies
ATI Audio Toys, Inc. - high quality pro sound mixing and processing equipment
ATLM TAIWAN INC.     東雅電子股份有限公司
Atlanta Audio Society, Inc
Atlantic Audio Visual
Atlantic Technology
Atma-Sphere® Music Systems, Inc.
ATR Audio Trader Gmbh
ATS - Audio Timber Support - audio furniture and stands
Audace - technical services for PRO Audio - UK
Audax Industries
Audes Louspeakers from Estonia
Audex "The Dreamakers!" Professional Audio, Acoustical Design & Home Theater Architecture
Audible Difference - Simsbury, CT
Audible Difference - Simsbury, CT
Audible Illusions
Audience audio video
Audience Digital Products - Digital recording soundcards
Audio 300
Audio Acoustics, Inc.
Audio Action Software - audio application software
Audioactive - Audio software including CD ripper and MP3 encoder
Audio Advancements
Audio Advice - High end audio and Video retailer in Raleigh, NC
Audio Advisor - Kentwood, MI
Audio Advisors - Florida
Audio Aero - 24 bit / 192kHz CD Players & D/A Converter - Tube Amps - France
Audio Agile Unterhaltungselektronik GmbH
Audio - A Lifelong Fascination - A DIY site by Paul Horn
Audio Amateur
AUDIO ANALOGUE S.r.l. - High end electronics made in Italy
Audio and Music Search Engine
Audio and Three Dimensional Sound Links - David Wareing
Audio Antic - information on tubes, tube audio electronic, old test equipment and tube friendly speakers - by Thorsten Kliefoth
Audio Asylum - Audio recommendations from audiophiles and free forums
Audio Associates - La Mesa, California
Audio Asylum - free, independent audio resource
Audio Autographs
Audiobahn Inc. - Car Stereo Products
Audio Bibliography
Audio Bizarro - DIY Audio
Audio Book Club
Audio Box Design - North Kingstown, RI
Audio Broadcast Group, Inc.
Audio Broadcast Group, Inc
Audio Cafe e-mail list
Audio Centre - Canada
Audio China
AudioChic - Lago d'Iseo ITALY
Audio Circuit - Circuits available on all audio equipment. History, prices, refurbishing, models, ESL
Audio Classics
Audio Club Nunspeet
Audiocom - distributors of specialist audiograde components & CD upgrades
Audiocom UK - distributors of the highest-grade audio components
Audio Components - DIY Loudspeakers
Audio Composite Engineering, Inc - Pro loudspeakers
Audio Concepts - Dallas TX
Audio Concepts - Houston, TX
Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI) - ACI &Dzurko speakers - Audio Glossary/Classifieds
Audio Connection
Audio Connection - Australia
Audio Connection - Verona, NJ
Audio Consortium - mail order high-end audio - Dallas, TX
Audio Consultants
Audio Consultants - Camden Town, London UK
Audio Consulting - Commugny (VD) - Switzerland
Audio Craft - Cleveland Ohio
Audio Creative - Audio retailer in Riedenburg, Germany
Audiocrew - Tornio, Finland
AudioData OnLine, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ
Audio Design - Salt Lake City Utah
Audio Design (Recording) Ltd UK
Audio Designs - St. Louis, MO - Custom Loudspeaker Cabinets
Audio Developments - Mixers
Audio Digital - Audio Service - Arvada, CO
Audio Direct - DIY loudspeakers, surround decoders and amplifiers
Audio Discounters of New England
Audio Ease - Mac audio software
Audio Electronics Mattijsen - Professional Audio Specialist - Production, Sound Reinforcement, & Studio
Audio e Electronica - Brazilian audio site written in Portuguese
Audio Electronic Supply - DIY parts
Audio Encounters - Dublin, Ohio
AudioEngineer.com is an industry resource for audio engineers and producers
Audio Engineering Associates - Pasadena, CA - Professional mikes and recording accessories
Audio Engineering Society in Denver
Audio Evidence - high end audio retailer - Hong Kong
Audio Excellence - UK
Audio Excellence - mailorder electronics - New York, NY
Audio Exchange International - AXI
Audio Espresso - um cybercafe para os entusuastas do som - Portuguese
AudioFair - Distibutor of ProAc Loudspeakers in Germany
Audio Fanatic - Audio enthusiast site - Italy
AudioFile& AV - Audio Magazine
Audio Forest - Atlanta, Georgia
Audio Forums - geared to Audio-Editors, Producers, Engineers and Musicians
Audio FX - Sacremento CA
AudioFreaks - Richmond, Surrey, UK
AudioGearOnline - mail order audio
Audio Genesis - devoted to single-ended tube hifi
Audio Genesis - devoted to single-ended tube hifi
AudiogoN - pre-owned or close-out High end audio
AudioGraph makers of MeasureMan & PowerCube
Audio Group International - European Speaker manufacturer
Audio Harmony
Audio Heaven Audio & Video - Raleigh, NC
Audio Ideas Guide - Canada's High End Audio, hi fi, and Home Theater Magazine
Audio Ideas Ink. Ltd.
Audio Images - Whitehall, PA
Audio Innovation - DIY speaker resource
Audio Institute of America - home study correspondence course for a career in the recording studio as an audio engineer
Audiolab - Japan
Audiolab of Georgia - Doraville, Ga - Speakers, parts, etc
Audiolabor - German audio manufacturer
Audiolab Stereo Stereo & Video Center - Fairless Hills, PA
Audiolamp - audiophile grade parts supply - Policastro B., Sa, Italy
Audio Limits - Santa Clarita, California
Audiolink - Powerdriver BOSE interface
Audio List - free audio classifieds
Audio Link - Lynx Audio - Tube audio and projects [Portuguese lanuage only]
Audio Loop
Audio LTD. - wireless mikes
Audio Magazine On-line - Russian Magazine
Audio Mail Order Survey
Audio Mail Order Survey
Audio Magic - Silver Audio Cables
Audio Magic Production - sound enhancement furniture, components and accessories
audiomap - Audio forum. Manufacturer, selling, dealers and magazines [German]
AudioMarket.Com - Online Car Stereo
Audio-markt.de - Informative HiFi site in German
Audiomaster - digital recording studio - Washington DC
Audiomaster - Kyiv, Ukraine
Audiomatica srl
Audiomax Ltd.
Audiomeca - Perre Lurne audio products
Audio Media Online - Professional Audio Magazine
Audio Midwest - Oklahoma
Audio Mirror - Tube Audio - former Bulgarian amplififer manufacturer now US
Audio Mixers - recording and duplication - Manhattan NY
Audiomotive - car stereo interfaces
audioMUSINGS Magazine
Audio Navigator - German webradio-portal
Audio Nexus - Summit, NJ
Audio Note by Hiroyasu Kondo
Audionote France : Haute fid幨it??tubes
Audio Note UK Ltd. - Peter Qvortrup
Audio Nut
Audion Limited
Audionics Professional Broadcast Equipment
AudioNote (South Africa)
Audio Nova DIY online magazine
Audio Oasis - rare vintage tube and solid state audio components - Toronto, Canada
Audio Odyssey - Highland Park, NJ
Audio Nut
Audio Options - Torrance, CA - Car Audio
Audio Outlet - Mount Kisco NY
Audio Page of Geert Meddens
Audio Partners - Dallas, TX
Audiopax - Tube amps, tube preamps, and speakers - Brazil
Audio Perfection - Minneapolis, MN
Audio Perfectionist - meaningful information about high fidelity sound for the home
Audiophase MD player
Audiophile 2000
Audiophile Audition
Audiophile AV Magazine On-line - Malaysia
Audiophile B.S. Page - Warning, if you are an audiophile who is easily offended don't visit
Audiophile Club of Athens Greece
Audiophile Meeting Point - Czech audiophile e-zine
Audiophile Network TAN
Audiophile Systems Ltd.
Audiophile Systems Ltd. - ASL - High-Performance Audio Components from: ARCAM, dCS, Acoustic Energy, & Nottingham Analogue
Audiophile Voice - Magazine for audio enthusiasts
Audiophile Webring
Audiophilia Online Magazine
Audio Physic Loudspeakers
Audio-PJB - Philippe J. Bouchon's site is dedicated to Audio and its allied arts [French & English]
Audioplex Technology
Audio Physic Loudspeakers
Audio Plus Services
Audio Power Industries - Power Wedges
Audio Pro
Audio Product Division Classic Components by Richardson Electronics LTD.
Audio Quick Home Theater Systems - mail order
Audio Reference (hifi brands distribution in Italy) ItalianPage
Audio Refurbishers
Audio-Related Projects by FTP
AudioReQuest MP3 Home Stereo Jukebox
Audio Research Corporation
Audio Research Group, University of Waterloo
Audio Resource - Metairie, LA
Audio Restoration - Transfer & Restoration of Records or Tapes to Digital Media [DAT & CDr] or analog tape
Audio Review
Audio Review Magazine
Audio Revolution
Audio Scientific - Audio Design - San Diego, CA
AudioSeek - the audio search engine
AudioSensor Classifieds
Audio Shopper
Audiosivut - Tietoa hifist? highendist?ja kotiteatterista
Audio Society of Minnesota Home Page
Audio Solutions - Dunwoody, GA
Audio Store
Audio Strona - Poland
Audio Synergy UK - distributors for Sugden, Totem and precide products in the UK [lots of info about Sugden]
Audio Synthesis
Audio Systems - Austin, Texas
Audio-T - UK
Audio-Technica Limited UK
Audio Technologies Inc.
Audio Technology Enginning CO., LTD - HK
Audio Tekne Company Limited - Tube Audio & high sensitivity speakers
Audio Test - Home acoustics, surround sound, HiFi and Home Theater in Spanish
Audio Tester - Audiotestsystem, Spektrum-Analyzer, FFT mit Hilfe einer Soundkarte
Audio Toyshop - Bath, UK
Audio Trends - Wantirna. Victoria Australia
ASE-Audiotuning - audiophile parts distributor based in Berlin, Germany with tips and upgrades for your components
Audio Tweakers Inc.
Audio Upgrades - Component Level Upgrades for the professional recording idustry
Audio Video Cine En Casa - a site with a lot of information, resources, FAQ's - in spanish by Modesto Garrido
Audio Video Design - Wellesley MA
Audio-Video Environments- Tualatin, OR
Audio Video Interiors Magazine
Audio Video Logic - Des Moines, IA
Audio Video Pros - Plymouth, MA
Audio Video Ratings
Audio Video Spalinger - Zurich, Switzerland
Audio Video Systems
Audio Video Tech - Sherbrooke, 
Audio Video Technologies Group Inc. - Houston TX
Audio Village - Castellana Grotte, BA
Audiovision - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Audio Visions Inc. Irvine CA
Audio Vision - South Africa
Audio Visual America/Stage Sound
Audio Visual Headquarters - Professional audio visual staging company - Rancho Dominguez, CA
Audio Visual One, Ltd.- rental, sales and support services - Schiller Park, IL
Audio Visual Technologies Group, Inc - Houston, TX
Audio Visual Tools Home Page
Audiovox Specialized Applications
Audio Warehouse Express - PISCATAWAY, NJ
Audio Webring
Audio Wizard - car audio online/mail order - Twin Falls, Idaho
Audio Workshop
Audire, Inc
Audison - Italy
Audition Audio
Auditorium 23 - audio dealer in Frankfort, Germany
AUDITORY home page
Audua Incorporated - Win95 application for designing and testing loudspeakers and speaker drivers
Auralex Acoustics
Aural Symphonics - audio interface cables
Aura Systems
Auriga Design Inc - Acoustic Research Division - Orbital Class HD Speakers
Aurus Speakers
Aussie Car Audio - car audio bass test disc
Australian Audio Supplies - Australian distributor professional audio - Ourimbah NSW 2258 Australia
Australian Electric Valve Importers Pty. Ltd. - Tubes, amps, & distributor - Bayswater, VIC Australia
Austin Stereo Service
Authentic Voice Loudspeakers - BRNO, Czech Republic
AUTOFX - Belleville IL
Auto HIFI- Netherlands
Auto HIFI und Car HIFI
AutoSignal - Complex signal analysis with a mouse click
Auto Toys - Sound Conceptions
AVAC - Japan
Avalon Acoustics
Avalon Design
AVANCE Technologies - Paris [France]
Avantgarde Acoustic Lautsprechersysteme
Avantgarde Acoustic Hornspeakers
AVD (FM) Ltd. - studio design
Avel - transformers, converters, inverters, UPS's - UK
AVIA is Ovation Software' program for optimizing your home theater
AVI - AV International - English manufacturer of audio products
Avid HiFi - British turntable manufacturer - Bedfordshire, England
AVI Electronics - Little Falls, NJ
AVM Technology Inc - manufacturers of APEX and Summit recording products
Avondale Audio
Avr- Easy Access Systems
AV REALITY - High-End Loudspeakers - Direct Factory Sale
AV Science - Rochester, NY
AVSI Multi Room Control Systems
AV Zone - UK
Axe Audio Visual
Axiom Audio Theater - Monterey CA
Ayre Acoustics, Inc.

B&K Components, Ltd.
B&O - Official Bang& Olufsen Page
B&W Loudspeakers Ltd
Babb Company - BABB Speakers - full range, high efficiency, high fidelity and waterproof
Backspin - unoffical Technics turntable website
BADA - British Audio Dealers Association
B.A.E, Inc. (Belvins Audio Design)
Bag End Loudspeakers
Baking Music: Restoring Gooey, Gummy Tapes
Balanced Audio Technology
Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics - BLUE Microphones
Baltlines Audio European Designed and Crafted Fine Quality speakers
Bandor Miniature Loudspeakers - high performance English drivers
Band World Inc - Production Company - Mississauga, Ontario
BARCO LTD.     巴可股份有限公司
Barbetta Manufacturing - Active Loudspeakers
Barron Kennedy Lyzun & Associates
Bartels Autorouter?& AutoEngineer?/A>
Bartmart Audio Inc. - digital audio post production facility - Ottawa Canada
Base Multimedia Inc - compact disc replication services - Nepean, Ontario Canada
BASF Magnetics - EMTEC Magnetics
BASF Magnetics - Germany
Basic Car Audio Electronics
Basic Introduction to Concert Sound Engineering by Lou Gross
Bass Car Audio - mail order
BassLine - an acoustics product applied to the inside of ANY speaker cabinet to improve bass performance - Eagle's Talon Productions Inc
Bass Home Electronics - mail order custom installation equipment - W Hartford, CT
Bass Pig's Lair - DIY audio by Mark A. Weiss
BASS ZONE - Mail order DIY speakers
BayAudio - Loudspeakers - San Diego, CA
Bayview Pro Audio - Tumwater,WA
BC Acoustique - Alfort Cedex, France
BCE Electronic Research & Development
B&C Speakers
BD Design - Oris 150 front horn system
BDI - Audio Furniture
BeachTek Inc. - Audio Adaptors
Beam-Echo Ltd
Bearsound Custom Speakers
Beauhorn Loudspeakers
Bebek Electronic - Elektroniikan komponenttien
Bedini Electronics, Inc
Beige Bag Software - Electronic Circuit Design & Simulation Software for Windows and Macintosh
Bel Canto Design
Belden Wire & Cable Company
Belkin Components
Belisle Acoustics - Audio Components - Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Belisle Acoustics - Loudspeakers [French and English versions]
Bell Electronics - Test And Measurement Equipment
Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.
Bencsik Associates, Inc - Factory audio represenatives
Ben Hall's Home Page - Studio - Pro and more
Ben Tongue's Crystal Radio Pages
Benwin Designer Multimedia Audio Speaker Systems
Bernd Noack Audiotechnik
BESL Audio - Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab - Loudspeakers
Best Buy
Best Power - power protection products
BEST DEVICE TRADE CO., LTD.R.O.C.   秦漢社國際股份有限公司
Bettercables.com Cable Store
Beveridge Audio, LLC - Electrostatic Loudspeakers
Beyerdynamic - microphones, headphones, wireless and conference systems
Beyma Loudspeakers
Beyond HiFi - mail order audio - Newtownards, Northern Ireland
B.G. Micro - mail order electronics company
BGW Systems Home Page
BH Electronics - Transformers, Inductors, Filters, Chokes
Biamp Systems Inc.
BIAS - Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc.
BICSI - Building Industry Consulting Services, International - Wiring standards
"B" Hive B Stock (surplus and returned) A/V Equipment Web Site
BIAS - cutting-edge audio software
Bibliography for the "IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
Big Matt Church's Home Theater and Audio Home Page
Bill McFadden's Audio Page
Billy Bags audio furniture
Big Machine Covers
Big Matt's home theater and audio web site
Binary Recording Services
Binding Post USA
Birdland Audio - High End Audio products
Biro Technology - Loudspeakers
Bishop Electronics - Film Capacitors & Winding Equipment
Bitco Electronics - repairs and custom electronics
BI Technologies - component parts
BJ CABINET ENTERPRISE - audio furniture
B.K. Electronics - manufacturer of Power Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, & Active Crosovers - Southend-On-Sea, Essex UK
BKL Barron Kennedy Lyzun & Associates Ltd. acoustical consulting
Black Audio Devices
Black Box - Interconnects and cabinets
Black Cube Phono Stage
Black Parrot Audio - Loudspeakers - Eagle, CO.
Blade Audio - home and automotive audio products
Bladelius Design Group - Home of SAT - Swedish Audio Technology and Advantage products
Blank Productions USA - full service production company that specializes in Source Cues and custom music production - Redding, CT
Blaupunkt Singapore
Blevins Audio Exchange Nashville, TN
Blue Tangerine - Free wholesale club for consumer electronics
Blue Amp - German Phono Preamp
Blue Circle Audio
BLUZ BROZ. ENTERTAINMENT - Wholesale Electronics to the Public
BMB - Nikkodo (s) Pte Ltd - Singapore based distributor of Audio
Boatanchors WWW Page
Bob Grow's Audio Page
Bob's Music/Audio Electronics page
Bob's Pro Audio Directory
Bob White's Home Page - Loudspeaker Modeling software
Bocchino Energy Systems and Technology
Bodzio Software - loudspeaker system design software
Bogen Communications, Inc
Bohlender-Graebener Corporation - Magnetic Planar Transducers
Boltz USA - Audio stands and furniture
Bomar - connectors
Boltz - Steel media storage for CD, DVD and tape
Bona's Homepage - Claudio Bonavolta's audio page
Boomer Bay - buy and sell used car audio
Boomer McLoud - New England - Car Stereo
Boostaroo Audio Amplifier [Bowman Inc.] - small, pocketsize, portable audio amplifier, and it will give anything that uses a headphone an extra volume kick.
BorderPatrol - High Performance Tube Audio Electronics
Bose Corporation Offical Site
BOSE Italia
Boss Audio Systems [Planet Audio]
Boston Acoustics
Boston Audio Society
Boston CD
Bostwick - home and car audio products
Bottlehead - tubes & DIY
Boulder Amplifiers - audio products for the home enthusiast and the professional market
Bound for Sound
Bouyer - Pro Audio - Cedex, France
Bowers & Wilkins - Worthing's longest established Hi-Fi Dealer- UK
Bow Technologies
Boxmaker - DIY box decoration by Steven Reid - This little program gives you a visual preview of what woofer, tweeter and box finish combinations will give once finished
Boyd's Car Audio and Electronics - Netherlands
Boynton Studios - PRO Gear
BPM-Studiotechnik GmbH - German Microphones - Berlin, Germany
BP Products
Bradley Broadcast - Frederick, MD
Brad Wedeking's Car Audio Page
Brauner Tube Microphones - Dirk Brauner R鐬renger酹emanufaktur
Brent Jessee Recording Homepage
Brentwood Communications Incorporated - stereo systems and media rooms - Los Angeles, CA
Brentworth Sound Lab
Bretford Manufacturing, Inc - audio furniture & carts
Bretz Audio - Singapore
Brick Wall Series Mode Surge Suppressors/Powerline Filters
Bridge [Tacoma] and Resonance - Information about resonance
BRIGAR ELECTRONICS inc - DIY electronic parts
Bright Star Audio - Speakers and Isolation products
British Audio Journal
British Federation of Audio
Broadcast Devices Inc.
Broadcast Electronics
Broadcast Supply Worldwide - Audio Equipment for Broadcasters
BROADCAST WORKS - engineering and consulting that provides full technical support to radio stations [also used audio]
Bruce Skidder's "Buy me a new stereo" homepage
Broquet Sthane's MiniDisc Page [French]
Brown Innovations Inc. - Virtual Audio Imaging
Bryston Limited
BSI Car Stereo & Home Theater - Memphis TN
BSS Audio
BSW - Broadcast Supply Worldwide - pro audio
Bud Industries - manufacturer of electronic enclosures
Buggtussell, LLC - Loudspeakers
Burklin - German electronics supplier
Building the Space-Age Sub
Build your own Hi-Fi - by Jim Read
BUMPER ?Industries, Inc - manufacturer of Loudspeakers - Miami, Florida
Bzow - Loudspeaker manufacturer - Erlangen, GERMANY
Bklin - German one-stop for electronics
Burmester Audiosysteme
Burr-Brown Corporation
Bussmann - Circuit Protection
ButtKicker Shaker and ButtKicker AirPump by the Guitammer Company
B&W Loudspeakers - OfficialSite
BWS Tube - manufacturer of hand crafted, broadcast grade, stereo tube equipment
Bybee Technology - AC audio signal treatment devices

C2R-Import : Importateur d'ectroniques Haute-Fidit?/A>
C37 Sound Sensation - A comprehensive audio-website much about C37 lacquer
Cabasse Electroacoustic
Cabin Pro Sound - Sound Reinforcement equipment
Cable Company
Cable Design Technologies
Cabling & Installation Magazine [subscription page]
Cactus Data Shield - Copy Control Solutions of music CDs
CAD AUDIO - Denmark - HI-FI, PA, Amplifiers, Flightcases
CAD AUDIO - USA site - HI-FI, PA, Amplifiers, Flightcases
CAD Professional Microphones
Cadence Audio - Electrostatic Transducers & Class A Tube Amps
Cadence Sound Systems - Car audio
CADware - EDA software for electronic professionals - Small photoplotter and PCB manufacturing equipment for prototyping
CADware - EDA software for electronic professionals - Small photoplotter and PCB manufacturing equipment for prototyping - International site
CAE - Computer Audio Engineering - audio enhancement, audio forensics, restoration, mastering, mixing, noise reduction, mono-to-stereo remastering, web audio
CAIG Laboratories, Inc. - makers of anti corrosion contact cleaners
Cakewalk - software for music and sound production
Calibre Car Audio Technology
California Audio Labs
California Audio Technology
Calrad Electronics - parts supply - Los Angeles, Ca
Caltron Packaging Group Custom cases, Rack Mount Cases, Shipping Cases and Transit Cases - Anvil, Calsone and Majecal cases
Calzone Case Company - fabricated cases
Cambridge Audio
Cambridge Sound Works
Cam Audio
Camelot TechnologyInc. / Crystal Vision
Camets Services Pty Ltd - Consulting Acoustic & Vibration Engineers
Campaign Audio Design
Campsie Hi-Fi - Online Audio-Visual Shopping Centre - North Roselands, Australia
Canadian Musician Magazine
Canare Corporation of America - Connecting Cable Solutions
Canegreen Ltd
Canford Group Plc - one stop supplier of professional Audio, Video and Broadcast products - UK
Cantares - Speaker Kits, Surround Processor, CDs
Canton USA - loudspeakers
Canuck Audio Mart - Canadian online site which allows Canadians to sell and buy hifi equipment from each other
Cape Old Radio
Capitol Sales Company Inc.
Car Audio Avenue - mail order car audio
Car Audio Gateway
Car Audio & Electronics Magazine
Car Audio Forum
Car Audio - Russia
Cardaba pages - Electrica y Audio
Cardas Audio
Cardinal Sound & Communications - Silver Spring, MD
Carfrae Loudspeakers - UK
Car & Home Stereo Online - Cheshire, England
Carl's Electronics - DIY audio
Carlson Audio
Carlton Audio Visual - Victoria 3053, Australia
C.A.R. Soft Car Audio Replacement Software
Car Sound On-Line Magazine
CarSound magazine
Car Stereo Components CSC - on-line mail order retailer - Germany
Carver Audio Stereo Repair Information [Everett Audio Repair] - Fort Myers, Florida
Carver Professional Amplifiers
Carver Ribbon Project #2 by Gary Sanford
Carvin Pro Sound - amps, mixers, speakers and more
Cary Audio Design, Inc.
Cascade Media - mail order CDR & DAT supply - Portland OR
Cases Cases [cases for fragile audio equipment transport]
Casey Design Custom Woodwork specializes in home theater cabinetry
Cassette House
Cassiel: Music Styles and Systems
Castle Acoustics Ltd - Official site
CATT-Acoustic - Room Acoustic Prediction/Auralization
CATT-Acoustic - a room acoustics prediction software tool
Cayin Audio Distribution Gmbh - Tube and transistor High End Electronics - Kelkheim, Germany
CeBit - images from CeBit 98 courtesy of Martin Borus
CCRMA World Wide Web server
CD Copy
CDDA Capable Drive List
CDDA paranoia - audio ripping software
CDDB, Inc - Escient - CD Database
CDEALS - Online mail order audio
CDex - CD ripper and MP3 to CD conversion software with support for CD text and CDDB
c-dilla - AudioLok CD content protection
CD Information Center - a public service of The CD-Info Company, Inc
CD Media World
CD Paranoia - Use your CDROM drive to read audio tracks.... and have it actually work right!
CD Projects - Media storage
CD Radio Inc. USA national satellite radio broadcast
CD-Recordable FAQ
CD-Recordable FAQ by FTP
CDR Info page
CDR Outlet
CD Solutions, Inc - CD Replication, Duplication, and Duplication hardware - Pleasant Hill Ohio
CeBit'98 trade show - some pictures from the show in Hanover Germany
CEC International
CEDAR Audio - mastering quality audio restoration systems
Ce Es! M鐽el&Audio Manufaktur - high-end loudspeakers from Hamburg Germany
CE European Economic Community Requirements Electronics Regulation
Cefal Electronics
Celestion Industries
CEL Instruments Ltd.
CEMA - Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Centasound Int'l Inc - Tube amplification
Central Audio - Midlands Best Used Equipment Specialist - UK
Central Radio
Century Music, Incorporated - San Jose, CA
Century Stereo - San Francisco, CA
Cerwin Vega
CFB Software - developers of LP Recorder and LP Ripper - software for the conversion of LPs to MP3 & CD
CGN Audio Labs - Chicago, IL
CG ELECTRONICS - HOME OF "CRAZY G" - mail order audio
Channel D - Mac the Scope is a full-featured, audio-frequency, real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope.
CH [Christopher Hansen] Automation & Theatre Systems Inc - Los Angeles, CA
Cheap thingies to help you make some racket
Cherry Creek Audio - Denver, CO
Cheshire Audio
Chicago Audio Society - Non-profit Audiophile monthly gatherings - Fun!
Chinadz - Chinese audio site
Chip Directory
Chord Company UK
Chord Electronics Limited
CHRIS AND SUE'S PAGE, a work in progress - DIY Audio
Chris VenHaus Homepage - audio & DIY
Chris Kelley's Car Audio Links
Christian Video & Audio Systems - Oklahoma City, OK
Chris VenHaus Homepage - DIY projects
Chung Lam Electronics Co., Ltd
Church Sound Network
C-I Electronics - Elektor and Velleman Kits and more DIY
Cinemagic - Bamberg. Deutschland/Germany
Cinepro Professional
Circle Stereo - Audio retail and repair - Austin TX
Circuit Archive - UW Electrical Engineering
Circuit City
Circuit Cookbook Archive
Circuit Shop - speaker reconing - Kentwood, MI
Cirrus Research PLC
Citation Madrigal Audio Laboratories
Citronic Pro Audio
Clair Brothers Audio - Pro sound installations, sales, and rentals - Lititz, PA
Clarion Car Audio and Beyond
Clarion Europe
Clarion France
Clarion Italy
Clarion UK
Clarion USA
Clarity - 70 volt sound distribution
Clark Absolute Tactile Sound Systems
Clark Parts [Clark Amplification] - tube amplifier related parts - West Columbia, SC
Clark Synthesis TST (Tactile Sound Transducers)
Class?Audio, Inc
Classic Antique Radios and Televisions
Classic Audio - Hi-Fi, Stereo, Tubes and Speakers For Sale - Chesterfield, MO
classicaudio.com - Used gear sold via mail order
classic-audio.com - information about some of the finest classic audio gear ever made
Classic Audio Reproductions= Horn Speakers - Brighton, MI
Classic HiFi - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Classic Speaker Pages
Clear Perceptions Studios
Clements Loudspeakers
Cloney Audio - selling top quality audio new & used - Ireland
Club 6BM8 - Tube Amp club - Japanese
C-Mexx Software - digital console
Coaster - recording interface for the mac
CODA Technologies - Continuum Electronics - reference-quality audio electronics manufacturer
Coda Fidelity Pty Ltd - Australian Audio Distributor
CoDrive - loudspeaker manufacturer
Coffey Sound Services
Coincident Speaker Technology
Colossal Mastering, Ltd. - Chicago, IL
Colossal Sound Hungary - Hungarian professional event service company. (PA Rentals, etc.)
Colossal Sound Services - Pro Equipment supply - North Hollywood CA
Columbia Audio Video - Highland Park, IL
Columbia Audio Video - Highland Park, IL - Online sales
Communications and Entertainment, Inc. - Atlanta GA
Community M4 Midrange Driver - In depth look
Community Professional Loudspeakers
Compact Disc Repairman Inc
Complex Systems, Inc - active electronic crossovers
Computational Acoustics Library - Integrated Sound Software - Free acoustics software
Computer Software Archives "Matlab programs for acoustical analysis"
COMTEK wireless mikes and sound
Concordia Media Productions
Connecticut Audio Society
Conrad Electronic - large electronics distributor - France
Conrad Electronic - large electronics distributor - Germany
Conrad Electronic - large electronics distributor - Netherland
Conrad Electronic - Europe's largest mail-order for electronic products
Console Corner mail order surround sound
Construccion de Altavoces [Construction of Loudspeakers]
Consumer Democracy - report on audio products
Consumer Electronics Association
ContraBass Corner
Contrapunt, the active dipole sub woofer
Conus Audio Inc. - Tube supply and more by mail - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cooper Sound Systems Inc. - Audio mixers
Coph Nia - Swedish manufacturer of amplifiers
Copley Controls - pulse width modulation (PWM) power amplifiers
Core Sound - professional and hobbyist digital audio
Corona Phone - A Solid-State, FET-Based Ion Tweeter project - Villanova University
Cosmo Village Audio Page- Japanese
Counterpoint repairs
Countryman Associates Inc. - Microphones
Cox Audio Engineering - Manufacturing and sales of L-ACOUSTICS speaker systems
Cox By Design - unique speakers in sculptures by Martin Cox
CPC Combined Precision Components plc - electronic components - DIY parts - Preston (UK)
CPP2000 - Akiyama, Magnedyne, and Wharfdale - Spain
Crane Home Theater - Home Audio & Video - CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA
creamw@re(c): tripleDAT & CUTmaster
Creative Stereo Natick MA
Creek Audio
Crest Audio Amplifiers
Crestron Electronics
Crew Online - Crew Licht & Geluid - DJ site from Barneveld, The Netherlands
Crisp Solutions - UCommand remote controls
Critical Frequency - Pro Audio Directory
Croft Valve Amplififers [Eminent Audio Company UK]
Crossover & Box Design - DIY on-line software by Steven Reid
Crossover Entertainment Studios
Crossroads Audio
Crosstech Audio - professional crossover networks
Cro Tutor - working oscilloscope software
Crouse-Kimzey Company Professional Audio and Broadcast Equipment
Crown International, Inc.
Crown International
Crystal Illusion - Ribbon Loudspeaker, Tube Compressor, Tube Mic
Crystal Semiconductor Products
Crystal Visions - MCDR Multi-Channel Digital Recorder
CSA Audio - Media Systems - Upper Montclair, NJ
CS Audio - High End cables
CTI Audio, Inc - professional microphones - Conneaut, OH
Cuel HiFi AG - Zich, Hifi der Spitzenklasse
Cuno's DIY Ariel Loudspeaker page
Cuno's Triode homepage
Curcio Audio Corporation
Current-mode circuits by Kimmo Koli
Current Source - parts supply and audio products
Custom Audio Video Concepts - Design And Installation - Lansdale, PA
Custom Audio Video - Audio systems - Owensboro, KY
Custom Cable Service
Custom Electronics Inc. - Audio systems - Falmouth, Maine
Custom Electrostatic Loudspeakers Systems - hosted by Russ Knotts
Custom FM Tuner Alignment
Custom House - Cables, Connectors and Cones
Custom Installation Services Inc. - South Dennis, MA
Custom Walls - Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatments - Valley Village, CA
CVA electronica - Professional audio products from Portugal
Cyber College - Article about hearing in Stereo, Quadraphonic, and 3D
Cymbiosis - Leicester, UK

D&R Electronica Weesp B.V. - Mixing Consoles - Netherlands
dabs.com - mail order av
Daburn Electronics & Cable Corporation
DAISy - supplies and supports Philips Laser Optics for High-End audio manufacturers
Dakota Digital - professional car audio instrumentation
Dalbec Audio Laboratory - Troy, NY
Dali - Danish Loudspeakers
Dana Audio Inc. - Loudspeakers
Dan Cheever's Audio Site
Dancraft Enterprises
Dangerous Pages - Vintage Microphones
Daniels Audio
Danish Audio ConnecT Ltd. (DACT)
Danish Pro Audio DPA microphones
Dansk Audio Teknik
Dandsk P.A. Center
Dan Dugan Sound Design - San Francisco CA
DA-P1 Info Page
DAQARTA Version 1.17b - Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis using popular sound cards
DAS Sound Products [Loudspeakers]- Valencia, Spain
DAT2WAV - Firmware
DataPlay -- universal recording media
DAT Info Page
DATEQ Audio Technologies B.V. - mixers, limiters, and more - Almere, Flevoland, the Netherlands
Dave Cigna's Audio Tube Page
Dave Kelly's Stereo Page
Dave Paton's Audio DIY page
Dave's DIY Speakers
David Berning Company - Precision Vacuum Tube Audio Equipment
David Hollister's Home Page - Audio Stuff
David Mann Audio - Philadelphia PA
Davidson Ribbon Loudspeakers
David Ruether's Audio page
DAVIS-ACOUSTICS - French Loudspeaker Manufacturer
Davis Instruments Mfg. Co.- Test Gear and instrumentation - Baltimore,MD
DAWG - Digital Audio Workstation Gadgets
Dawsons Home Cinema - Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Dayton Wright Electroacoustics - ESL Loudspeakers
dBDCom - Sound reinforcement systems in Brazil
dB Drag Racing
D-BOX - Professional Multimedia Loudspeakers
db Concert Sound Pty Ltd - sound company - Geelong, Victoria Australia
dB Sound - sound reinforcement
dB Technologies
dbx Professional Products
DCC-L Mailing List Homepage
DC Electronics - Home of DC Kits - DIY kits - Scottsdale AZ
DC GOLD AUDIO - Palmdale, CA
DCM Corporation
dCS - Data Conversion Systems - England
DC Software Design Inc. - CDRCue Editor for CDRWIN & DAO
DD Audio - Digital Designs
Dealerscope Consumer Electronics Marketplace
Decade Transmitters, inc. Hi-Fi FM Transmitters
Decibel Dungeon DIY hi-fi by Nick Whetstone
deckorum- news, views and chat about all things home audio and automation
Definitive Audio
Definitive Audio UK
Definitive Technology
Defpom Car Audio Pages - New Zealand
DEICON - research and development/consulting firm specializing in Sound and Vibration Research & Control
Deja Vu Audio LTD. Washington DC
Demeter Amplification
Demostenes - source for valves and tubes
Denecke Inc - Time code and other pro products
Denon Official Japan Page
Densen Audio Technologies
Densen Audio Technologies
DenWorks Home Theater
Derek Streeter - The intersection of my life and the Minidisc
Design Direct Horns - DDS Horns Home Page - Seattle, Washington
Design Notes and Circuits for Electrical Engineers Students and Hobbyists
Designs Unlimited of South Africa - audio furniture
DesignWorks Schematic Capture for Windows
Dexter Media - Audio post production studio - Boston, MA
DGC Audio - pro audio
DGI Signal and Image Processing Group - high performance software for noise removal from audio
DH Cones - Golden Sound Acoustics
Diagnostic Instruments - real-time FFT analysers
DiAural - home of the DiAural crossover technique
Dick Olsher's Audio Mecca
Dick's CDR page
Digigram - digital audio products
Digi-Key Corporation Quality Electronic Components, Superior Service
[digital_amp] project - DIY Digital Amplifier
Digital Atomics - Roger Nichols - Archiving, Audio Restoration, CD Mastering, Production, Engineering, Technical Writing, and Digital Audio Seminars
Digital Audio Denmark - AD/DA converters
Digital Audio Guide - Advice and Information for Audiophiles
Digital Audio Research Limited Professional - Digital Audio Editing Systems - Chessington, Surrey UK
Digital Choice - mail order electronics - UK
Digital Domain - designed to help audio engineers and musicians make better Compact Discs and CD ROMs
Digital Elements - Pro Gear - Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Digital Future Coalition
Digital Messiah's Mini-Disc Info Page
Digital Phase Acousta-Reed Technology Speakers
Digital Phase Acousta-Reed Technology Speakers
Digital Pro Sound
Digital Recordings high-tech audio solutions
Digital Sound Webring
Digital Theater
Digital Theater Systems - DTS
Digital Video Incorporated - sounds like video but it is audio as well
Digitex SRL
DIL Elektronika - C-I Electronics - Elektor and Velleman Kits and more DIY
Dillon Acoustics
Direct Acoustics Incorporated - Winslow Burhoe
Dirk Brauner Rrengeremanufaktur
discarray - personal shorthand for disarray in minidisc
Disc Doctor - cd and lp cleaner
Disc Makers: CD, cassette, and vinyl duplication
DISCmarket - blank CD-Rs, cassettes, and supplies
Discount Music Center - pro audio - Orlando, FL
Discovery Cable Inc. - audio cables, electronics. speakers
Disc Union - Japanese audio retailer
Divergent Technologies - Copland, Primare, Reference 3A, Alchemist, van den Hul, Chang Lightspeed, L A T International
DiversiFIRE - West Monroe, Louisiana
Dixon Systems
DIY Audio - Do It Yourself - forever Page for DIY-ers HI-FI & HIGH-END by elvis rakic
D.I.Y. Audio Amplifier Page
DIY Audio Corner by Nightstormer
DIY Audio Projects
DIY Audio Related Projects - by Deon Bearden & Magnus Vance
DIY class A amplifier chassis & massive heatsinks - by John Inlow
DIY HiFi Supply - featuring Consonance/Opera DIY kits and more
DIY - How to remove the magnet from a Loudspeaker
DIY Loudspeaker Driver Selection Guide
DIY make your own Headphones
DIY Pages - VT52
DIY Plasma Tweeter
DIY project for a cylindrical bass absorber
DIY Zone - Taiwanese DIY magazine
DJ Cases - protective travel cases for audio gear -Buffalo NY
DJ Sound Webzine
Disc Jockey Supply
DLS Audiophiles - DLS Svenska AB - Swedish car audio manufacturer
DNA - Donald North Audio - U.S. importer for Audio Synthesis, Airtangent, and Bremen
DNH Loudspeakers - manufacturer of loudspeakers for industrial and commercial applications - Krageroe, Norway
DNM Design - High-end Audio Designed in Britain Hand-built in Switzerland
DNM at Walrus UK
Doc's DIY Loudspeaker Page
Doctor Audio - Digital Audio Specialists - Los Angeles, California
Doctor Don - High End Car Audio Repair
DOD Electronics
Dodson Audio
Dolby Web Site
Don Klipstein's Web Site - DIY Loudspeaker Plans For You
Dorrough Electronics - Audio/Video Meters & Test Equipment
Doug Brady Hi-Fi - Warrington, Cheshire, UK
Douglas TV
Down To Earth Audio - High End Audio - Salem,VA
DPA Microphones A/S
D'Parts - Internet based parts locator for electronics
Dragon Distributing - car audio distributor - Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Dragster Car Audio - division of CARD SPA Milano, Italy
DRA Laboratories MLSSA Acoustical Measurement System
Doctor Audio - Digital Audio Website
Drawmer - professional signal processing products
Dream Builders MIC DIYers
Dreampoint Design and Engineering
Dr. Feickert GbR - Dr. Christian Feickert's kit and mod page in german
Driver Design Limited
DRT Mastering - Peterborough NH
Dr. Udds HemElektronik WEB
dsp/FX - Audio software by Power Technology
DTS Digital Surround Home Page
Dual - Turntables
Duke's Car Stereo - Flint, MI
Dunlavy Audio Labs - loudspeakers and cables
Duntech Audio Pty Ltd
Duperon Audio - Stafford, VA
Duran Audio BV - AXYS?- professional self-powered loudspeaker systems
DVD Demystified by Jim taylor - DVD FAQ
DVD - player without region code
DVD Review
DvL - Dutch firm consulting on acoustic insolation of buildings
D.W. Fearn - professional vacuum tube audio equipment
Dynamic Audio - Japan
Dynamic Recording Studios - Rochester, NY
Dynamic Solutions - Master brand - high-end loudspeakers from the Netherlands
Dynaudio North America
Dynastar Electronics - Speaker-Knife, speaker protector
DYNAVECTOR - SuperStereo, phono cartridges, tonearms and more
DYNAVECTOR Systems Australia
DVD Audio Specifications MPEG

EAC - Exact Audio Copy - audio grabber for CD-ROM drives
EAR Professional Audio/Video - Phoenix Az
E-A-R Specialty Composites is a leading manufacturer of proprietary vinyls and urethanes for noise and vibration control, shock protection and ergonomics
Earthworks Inc.
EAR/Yoshino Ltd - Tube products
EAS Inc.
Eastcoast Music Mall - PC Recording
Eastern Acoustic Corporation - Multimedia and Car Speaker Division - Carson CA
Eastern Acoustic Works
Eastwood HiFi - Home Theatre, subwoofers - Sydney, Australia
EasyTitle - Keyboard Remote MiniDisc Titler and Controller for SONY Devices
ebisu Audio
eBrain - news and research about audio
Echo Audio - Portland, Oregon
Echoscan's home page
Ecler DJ Division
Ecole audiophile belge
E-Comet - UK electronics mail order
ECoustics - Everything Hifi online
Edcorp Electronics - Pro Audio - Carlsbad CA
Eddie Ciletti: From Digital Audio to Vacuum Tubes - Tangible Technology Center
EDCOR Electronics - Professional mixers, amps, transformers, and gadgets
Edge Audio - loudspeakers with DiAural?networks
Edge Electronics - Electro acoustic Design Groupe
Edison Original - Kit Amplifiers
EDL UK. Minidisc fast lossless transfer to PC. TOC Editor. RIAA converter modules
EDN Electronic Design News magazine
EDWARD AMPLIFICATION Co. Stoney Creek, Ontario
Eela Audio - Radio Broadcast Equipment - mixers, loudspeakers, more
EgglestonWorks Loudspeakers
Ego Systems - Digital Audio equipment
EGroups MiniDisc Daily e-mail Digest
EGroups MultiTrack MiniDisc Daily e-mail Digest
EGroups Pro Audio Daily e-mail Digest
EGroups Toronto Audiophiles Daily e-mail Digest
Eichmann eXpress - audio cables, video cables and Bullet Plug connectors
EICO Page by "Fiddler" Bob Higgins
Eiko MD Products Solution
Eimac Corporation - Tube Technology
EIO - DIY - electronics surplus source - Gardena, CA
E. J. Jordan Designs - raw drivers
E. J. Jordan Designs
EK Sound Ltd. - Sound and Equipment Sales -Calgary, Alberta. Canada
匜antec Semiconductor, Inc.
Elation Microphones
Electrades International - Singapore
Electra Glide Audio Cables
ELECTRA-PRINT AUDIO CO - Transformers and chokes
Electrical, Electronic and Cybernetic Brand Name Index
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Electroacoustic System Specialists - studio design - Manchester, England
Electronic Design Company
Electronic Goldmine - mail order electronic components & DIY - Scottsdale AZ
Electronic Music Box - Pro Audio
Electronic Repair Tips Home Page
Electronics & Engineering Indonesia
Electronic Shopping Mall - Hong Kong
Electronic Specialists, Inc - Over 200 Protector Products for Your High Tech Equipment
Electronics Surplus Inc. - DIY parts - Cleveland OH
Electronic Systems Resource Center
Electronics Depot - Terre Haute, Indiana
Electronics Forum
Electronics Outpost - mail order car audio - Carrollton, MO
Electronics-Pluz - Mail Order - Orlando FL
Electronic Visionary Systems - Boulder Creek, CA
E44 Electronique SA - Electronique et Sonorisation - plus de 25000 references
Electronix Express
Electronix Corp
Electron Tubes for Industry - vacuum and electron tubes for broadcast, industrial, scientific and DIY users
Electron Tubes Limited
Electron Vavle - Roger A. Modjeski products
ElectroShops - Mail order home electronics accessories
ElectroSolutions, Inc
Electrostatic Loudspeaker Circuit - Information and DIY ESL
ElectroWeb Consumer Electronics
Elegant Audio - Mail order online
Elektro Akustik - DIY tube kits and more
ELEKTRO schematic archive
Elektroniknet - German Electronic News Site
Elex Atelier - premium TT and Tape Deck belts and parts
Elipson - French loudspeakers
Elite A/V Systems - custom installations - Palatine, IL
Elite Car Audio : Featuring industry news, show events, chat rooms, and more by Brian Palik
Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages
Elly Waterman's Dutch acoustics links page
ELMAN - Italian broadcast audio manufacturer
ELNA America: Capacitor manufacturer: Aluminum, Double Layer, and Tantalum Capacitors.
ELP Corp - Laser Turntable
Elton's Car Audio Web Site
Emagic Software and Hardware
EMedia Live - online magazine
Emerald Audio - Representatives for Arcam and Ruark in Canada
EMF Acoustics Oy LTD - microphones
EMGI audio - hi-end Acoustic Systems
Eminence Home Page
Eminence - Sovtek
Eminent Technology
Emission Lab - Tube Audio - Japanese
Emotive Audio Designs Inc. - Tube audio components
Empeg Ltd. - Empeg Car - digital in-car music player
Empire Audio Furniture
Emporium - Norfolk UK
EMTEC Magnetics - BASF tape
Engine Music - Providing gearheads with their daily dose of internal combustion symphony.
Enhanced Systems Inc. - Custom Audio Video - Eden Prairie, MN
Energy Speakers
Enhanced Audio Formats for Multi-Channel Configurations and High-Bit Resolution
Enhanced Systems Inc - Eden Prairie, MN
Enjoy the Music
Enlightened Audio Designs, Inc. - power amplififers and more
Ensemble Music Systems & Home Theater - Audio Video retailer in NH & MA
Entec Trade Show - pro audio - Australia
Epinions.com, Inc - brutally honest and unbiased advice to help you make better buying decisions
Eosone - brand assembled for Best Buy designed by Arnie Nudell
ePanorama.net - Electronics & HiFi
Epic Design
Epifani Custom Sound Systems - pro sound speaker systems
Epos - Loudspeakers with Attitude
Equinox Audio - Hi-Fi Audio Speakers
Equipment Emporium - Production Sound Recording Equipment - Mission Hills CA
Equipment Pool, Inc. - Atlanta, GA
EQ's Recording and Sound Buyer's Guide
Equi=Tech Corporation - Symmetrical Power Systems
Equinox Audio
Equipment Emporium - supplier of production sound recording equipment
Eric Patterson Antique Radio
Eric Wallin's DIY Audio Page
Erik Storeng's Audio link page
ESC - Electronic Systems Consultancy LTD - London UK
Eso DJ - DJ mixers - Italy
Esoteric Audio U.S.A. - also StreetWires, TIFF, GoldQuest
Esoteric Sound - Downers Grove, Il
ESOTERISK HIFI - Uppsala, Sweden
E-Speakers - DIY Speakers
ESP Loudspeakers
Essential Sound Products - AC Power cords and accessories
ESS Laboratory Inc - Heil Air Motion Transformer [AMT] Loudspeakers
ESX Online - Car and Home Audio
Etalon - Hungarian manufacture of hi-end amplifiers
ETF Energy Time Frequency - Room Acoustics Visual Development System
Ethan Winer's Audio and Music Page
Ethera Loudspeakers
B-52 - E.T.I. Sound Systems Inc. - Loudspeakers
ETM - wujin etm electronic connectors factory - Banshang Town,Wujin,Jiangsu,China
ETON - German manufacturers of speaker drivers and accessories
Etude Benelux B.V. - Loudspeakers from Belgium
Etymotic Research - Headphones & hi-tech hearing protection
Euphonix Inc - Mixing systems
Euro Acoustics Oy Ltd - Loudspeakers from Finland
Euro P.A. - High Quality Sound and Light Systems - Deinze, Belgium
Europroducts Marketing, Ltd - Canadian Audio Distributor
Eurotubes - JJ Electronic tubes available at affordable prices
Euterpe Audio - Mr. Le Douarin - French consultant and factory direct reseller of high end audio
EU VALVE - Japanese tube audio site
Evenfall Acoustics, Ltd - Kenmore, NY
Event Electronics
EVI Audio
Evolution Audio & Video
EW Sales - Arlington, TX
Exact Audio Products - high-definition audio/video interconnecting cables
EXPOLINEAR Elekroakustik - Berlin, Germany
Exposure Electronics North America
Express Media Services, Inc. - CD-R Duplication - CD-R Media - CD Replication - Southlake, Texas
Extraordinaire Plaza - Shopping the world's finest audio products
Extreme Car Audio
EYE+EAR Retailer for Furniture, Lighting and Design - Berlin, Germany
EZBOOM's Car audio page
Ezio Raddi's audio system

Falcon Acoustics - DIY retail/mail-order loudspeakers
Fanfare Electronics, Ltd.
Fantasy Electronics - Vancouver BC, Canada
FAQs by Category: audio-fmts
Fanfare FM Radio
Farm Fresh - recording studio and production house- Bloomington, IN
Farnell - distributors of semiconductors and other electronic parts
Farrer Associates - Sound Company - Atlanta, GA
FASoft n-Track Studio multitrack recording software for Windows 95/98
Fat Dog Productions - recording studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Fat Tracks Recording
FC's Home Page - Circuits and Electronics Garage Sale
FCP - Friend Chip Studio Electronics - Digital patch bays
Federal Communications Commission
Fels Limited - MiniDiscs Wholesale
Fidelis Audio Company - supplies for building and servicing Hi-Fi
Filament Pro-Audio - mail order pro gear - San Dimas, CA
Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory
Flat Earth Audio - Woodbridge CT
Fidelipac - Broadcast Studio Equipment
Filtran Limited
Final - Dutch Electrostatic Speakers
Final Laboratory -
Find Sounds - search engine for sounds by description of how they sound
finite elemente - HiFi-Rack System pagode
FIREBOTTLE AUDIO - Tube audio schematics
FIREHAZARD by Philip Tan - Audio information
Firma M&H - Czech Audio and Autosound dealer
FirstVision - designers and installers of high quality audio and visual systems - Toronto, Canada
First Workshop on Digital Audio Effects (DAFX98)
Fischer HiFi - Altwis, Switzerland
Fisher Audio/Video Home Page
Fisher Multimedia
FiX Electronics - providing electronics repaire services to the Kings County (Brooklyn, NY) area
Flanner's Audio & Video - Brookfield, WI
Flipside Productions Audio/Video Extravaganza
Floating Systems - Exclusive design loudspeakers - Belgium
FMR Audio
FM Systems professional sound - Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, B.C.
Focal-JMlab : concepteur et fabricant des haut-parleurs FOCAL et des enceintes acoustiques JMlab : designer and manufacturer of the FOCAL drive-units and JMlab loudspeakers : JMLAB, FOCAL, AUDIOMOBILE
Focus Audio Inc
Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd
Forest City Surplus Canada - Speakers and More
Forgings Industrial Co Ltd - Loudspeaker manufacturer - Taiwan
Formula Sound Ltd. - Pro Sound
Forsman VSS (Vertical Split System) Speakers
Fosgate Audionics - Home Theater Audio
Fostex - Digital multi track products, speakers, mixers, mikes and more
Francis Manzella Design, Ltd. - Pleasantville, NY
Frank Harvey HiFi Excellence Ltd. - Coventry, West Midlands, UK
Frank Ostrander's Filter Workshop Page
Frazier Speakers
Freehold Stereo and Video - High End Audio and Home Theater - Freehold, NJ
FREE Musicians' Classifieds -- FREE Automated Classifieds for Musicians - Pro Audio gear
Freq Mastering - NW's premiere digital audio mastering facility
FrogDesign - Active Filter Design - German
Frontier Digital - Affordable 20-bit Digital Audio Conversion System
Front Row Center Theater & Sound - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
FS AUDIOWEB - Mail order audio - San Diego, CA
FSR Inc. - floor and wall boxes, camera switches, and audio control and switching - West Paterson, NJ
F.T. Audio - Passive Amplifier Design
Fuchs Audio Technology - amplifier manufacturer - Bloomfield, New Jersey
FujiCone Home Page
Fujikon Industrial CO., Ltd - electro-acoustic product manufacturer - Hong Kong
Fujitsu Ten Corp. of America
Full Compass - Middleton, WI
Fullersound Inc. - State-of-the-art Mastering Facility - Miami FL
Funktion-One Ltd - manufacturers of sound reinforcement equipment - UK
FUNTEK - CD-Player, Mixer, Verstker, Plattenspieler, Mikrofone, Kopfher, MP3-Profitechnik, Lichteffekte, Steuerger酹e, Spots, Nebelmaschinen, Stroboscope und viel mehr f槀 Disco, Party & Bne
Furman Sound, Inc - audio signal processors & power conditioning
Future Music magazine
Future Sonics Ear Monitrors

Gabriel Audio - Pro audio systems - Jonesville, IN
Galante Audio - High Sensitivity Loudspeakers - Perkasie, PA
Galaxy/Valley Audio
Galen Carol Audio - San Antonio, Texas USA
Gamble Consoles
GamuT Audio - audio equipment manufacturer - Denmark
Gand Music and Sound - Northfield, IL
Garrard - Loricraft Audio
Garwood Communications - In-Ear Monitoring
Gary's Vacuum Tube Page - DIY and parts swap
Gasworks - Great American Sound Company - GAS - Eagle, Idaho
Gateway Electronics - DIY kits
Gaylord's Audio Connection - Fayetteville, AR
Gaz Bell's MiniDisc Page
GearBox (Sound & Vision) Limited - UK's premier supplier of non-linear solutions to the audio, post, and broadcast industries
Gearnet - American Gear Inc. - DJ and Pro Audio - Long Beach, CA
GeeK NoiZe - An extensive audio recording manufacturer and retailer links directory, and a user to user digital audio forum
GeerS Audio - eVe II loudspeaker - designed by Edgar Beers and Tony Gee
Gefen Systems
Gene Rubin Audio - Ventura, CA
Gemini Sound Products Corp.
General Home Theater Information - by Bjorn-Steven Lindgren
General Magnetic Company - Loudspeaker Magnetics
Genex Research - MO disk recording technology
Genexxa Speakers - Sweden
Gentner Communications Corporation
George Massenburg Labs - GML - professional digital recording equipment
Gepco International Ic.
German Physiks High End Technology
German Physiks High End Technology
Gershman Acoustics
Gertner Audio - Celtech Loudspeakers
Giant Squid Audio Lab - high fidelity microphones for stealth live recording
Gidluck Mastering - products and services related to digital audio - Clinton, AR
Gifted Listener Audio - Centreville, VA
Giga-Tech GdbR - German audio dealer
Glas Platz - Glass see-though driver - Germany
Glass House CD - CD replication
GlassWare audio design software - Audio Gadgets and TubeCAD
Glaudio - Car Audio Glossary [glossario del car audio] - Italian
Glenn Baddeley - Electronics, Audio & Hi-Fi
GLI - DJ Equipment - Brooklyn, NY
Global Hi-Fi Centre - Newcastle, Upon Tyne, UK
Global Mart - Mail order audio
GM Arts - DIY amplififer information
G M Audiotechnics - professional audio equipment
Go Digital Warehouse - Brentford, UK
Goff Professional - Pro Sound - Newington, CT
Go-Ho AutoAudio
Golden Age Music AB - Sverige, Sweden
Golden Ear - service center - Santa Rosa , CA
Golden Hawk Technology - CD-R & CDROM Recording Software
Golden Sound Acoustics - DH Cones
Gold Line
Goldman Audio - online audio store
Goldmund Home Page
Goldpoint Audio Controls - stepped attenuators
GOLDSOUND Inc.- DIY speakers and more - Englewood CO
GOLDSOUND Sound and Lighting Service - Los Angeles, California
Good Sound by the Vinyl Tourist
Good Vibes - Champaign, IL
Goodwin's High End - audio and home theater systems - Waltham, MA
Go Stereo - mail order car audio
GOWild AG - Swiss Pro Audio Distributor
G Prime - New York, NY
Graaf - tube amplifiers from Modena, Italy
Grace Design
Grado Labs - World's Finest Headphones and Cartridges
Grado Labs Headphones and phono cartridges .
Graham-Patten Systems, Inc - professional quality audio mixing systems
Ltd - London, UK
Graff - Gruppo Ricerche Audio Alta Fedelt?- Tube amps from Italy
Graham-Patten Systems, Inc - digital audio products
Grahams Hi-Fi
Graham Slee Projects - Audio Control Electronics
Gramophone - Timonium & Ellicott City, MD
Gramophone Magazine - Audio Equipment Reviews
Grand Battery Technologies - for portable audio
Grand Central Studios
Grand East Enterprises Limited - manufacturer of speakers and amplififers - Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Grandma's Music & Sound
Granite Audio - tube preamps & power amps housed in artificial granite
Grant Products Inc.
Great American Sound - GAS - Ampzilla
Great Northern Sound Company - component upgrades and modifications - St. Paul, MN
Great River Electronics, Inc.
Green Paper on future noise policy - Europe
Greg Smith's DIY audio page
Greg Szekeres's audio page
Greg's Unoffical Dynaco Home Page
Gresh's Audio Tweaks,Suggestions and Links
Greybeard Audio - loudspeakers
Griffin Technology - audio interfaces to MAC
Griffon Valve Pages
Groove Tubes
Ground Zero's Car Audio Homepage
GR Research - DIY Speaker kits, parts, Dodd Amp/preamp kits - Wichita Falls, Texas
GRT Mars Group - electronic and acoustic design
GRUENSCH - Speaker and Electronics manufacturer located in Mainhardt, Germany
Gryphon Audio Designs Aps
GT Audio - London, UK
GTT Audio and Video - New Jersey, NJ
Guangzhou Leader Electron Factory - Manufacturer of portable electonics and many microphones - Shi Pai Xi Qing Chun,GuanDong China
GutWire - audio cables

Halcro Pty Ltd - manufacturer of amplifiers
Halfin SA - Source for Semiconductors and Electron Tubes - USA
Hall Electronics
Hammers Home Page Dedicated to DIY Tractrix Horns, Tube Amps, Fieldcoil Loudspeakers
Hammond Manufacturing
Handmade Electronics - DIY Parts - Allentown, Pennsylvania
Happy Medium - Madison, Wisconsin
Harbeth Loudspeakers
Harlan Technologies - Spectrum FFT - A DOS AUDIO SPECTRUM ANALYZER program for the SB16 or AWE32 Creative Labs Sound card
Harman Audio Outlet - factory direct sales of Harman Kardon, Infinity and JBL products
Harman Kardon
Harmonic Recovery System - Class A analogue interface by Source Components Electronic, LLC.
Harmonic Technology - audio/video cable products
Harmonix by Combak Corporation - Professional Tuning Products - Kanagawa, Japan
Harmon Multimedia
HARMONY TAIWAN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. - manufacturer of speaker components, amplifiers, audio systems and accessories - Taiwan
Harrin Kaiutin - Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer
Harrison audio mixing consoles
Harris Techologies Inc. - authors of BassBox Pro & X-over Pro
Harry Krantz Company - DIY electronic components supply - Garden City Park, NY
Harry's Homebrew Homepage - DIY
Harvey Electronics Inc - New York City and surrounding areas
HAVI - Home Audio/Video interoperability site
Hawk Audio - DIY kits for audiophile MOSFET and tube-hybrid pre and power amps, DACs, loudspeakers
Hawk Enterprises - Audio cables
Hawkeye Audio - Iowa City and Cedar Falls, IA
Hawthorne Stereo - Seattle, WA
Hayes Audio
H-Cat by North American Products - Holographic Cloning Amplifier Technology
HCM Audio - Mailorder
Hedlund Horn
Hedlund Horns by Hornet Audio & Miroslav
HeadRoom - Headphone amps+
HeadWize - a headphone resource site
Heatherdale Audio Ltd.
Heatshrink - heatshrink and convoluted tubing for DIY audio - Ogden, UT
HEAVEN - High End Audio Video Equipment & Necessities
Heavenly Joy - DIY loudspeaker pages
HECO Home HiFi
Hegel Music Systems - Electronics - Norway
Heiko's DAT Page
Hello Hifi - Ventura County, CA
Helmer Malmquist Audio
Help from Herr Helmholtz
Helsinki University of Technology, Acoustics Laboratory
Hepta Deisgn Audio - luidsprekers - Nederland
Herbert L. Singleton Jr.'s Audio & LaserDisc info/links
Herron Audio
HES - custom built audio broadcast systems
HGP Audioelektronik - German Speakers
HHB Communications - professional audio equipment manufacturers
H.H. Morch - at Walrus UK
HiCam - buying and selling used gear
Hickok tube tester page
Hideaway Shivas
Hi-Fi Accessories Plus
HiFi Analyse
HiFiBitZ - mail order HiFi in the UK
HiFi Buys - Atlanta GA
HiFi Buys - Nashville TN
Hi-Fi Centre
Hi-Fi Centre - Vancouver, B.C.
HIFI COMPONENTS Bernhard Vehns - Mchen, Germany
Hi-Fi Consult - High End store in Scandinavia
HiFi Corner - audio dealer in Scotland
Hi-Fi Direct
Hifi Direkt - Sweden
Hi-Fi Do, Inc. - high end retailer tube audio - Naka-ku Nagoya, JAPAN
Hi-Fi Exchange - Atlanta GA
Hi-Fi Farm
Hi-Fi Guide - Italian enthusiast magazine [Italian & English]
Hi-Fi Heaven
Hi-Fi Heaven - AV retailer - Green Bay, WI
Hi-Fi & High End - Russian Magazine
Hifissimo - French audio retailer - Paris, France
HiFi Kit AB
HiFi Klubben
Hi-Fi John's audio web site
Hi-Fi lehti - Finland
Hi-Fi Link - A Danish hifi link and news site in English
Hi-Fi Link - A hifi link and news site in Danish
HiFi Net - Das Forum für Highend, Hifi, Audio, und Musikanlagen.
Hi-Fi Netherlands - Portal to HiFi
Hi-Fi News Accessories Club
HiFi Notes
Hi-Fi Plus magazine
HiFi-Saijten - Swedish audio page
Hi-Fi Sales Company - Cherry Hill, NJ
HiFi Spezialist Werner Pawlak
HiFi-Solutions - run of the mill hifi to exotic Systems
Hifisound der Lautsprecherspezialist - Münster Germany
Hifisound der Spezialist für Apollo, Dynaudio, Aktiv-Module u.v.m.
hifist Audio Directory Audiphile's Reference
HiFi-Studio Sigrist - High end audio retailer - Embrach, Czechoslovakia
HiFi Test Magazine Denmark
HiFi to die for
Hifi Tubes - European Distributor of Tubes - Thiel & Partner GmbH - Germany
HiFi & Video Technik Gogler
HiFi Video Test - Online Magazine
High-End Audio - A Coruna, Spain
High-End Audio Ltd - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
High-End Audio und HiFi - Denmark
High End News - Finland
High Fidelity Engineering
High Fidelity Inc. - Austin TX
High Fidelity Net - Munich, Germany
HiFish - Acoustic System "AS" - Manufacturer of Acoustic measuring instruments - Regensburg, Germany
High Tech Service & Exchange - Washington, DC
Hi-inFidelity P@ge - Dedicated to music & audio hardware
Himeaudio - component audio manufacturer in Brazil - by Euclides Hisatugo
Hip Fung Holdings LTD. - manufacturer of home theatre systems, car speakers, car mosfet amplifiers, car crossovers and amplifiers - Hong Kong
HIQUPHON by Oskar Wroending - High-end loudspeaker parts DIY - 9490 Pandrup, Denmark
Hitachi Denshi (UK) Limited
HiTech Homes - Cedarburg, WI
HI-TUNE TRADING CO.,LTD     天韻貿易股份有限公司
Hi-Vi Research - Speaker drivers
HNE Systems - Speakers and audio supports
Ho Chien Company
Hotalere by Benny Gaarde - Danish site dedicated to horn loudspeakers
Hollywood Sound - new and used high-end audio components - Hollywood FL
Home Automated Living
Home Automation Systems Inc.
Home Cinema - Germany
Home Cinema Choice magazine
Home Entertainment 2001 Registration
Home Entertainment, Inc. - Dallas & Houston, TX
Home Entertainment Network - The Hen - A shopping network for audio in the UK
Home Entertainment UK
Home Grown Audio - silver audio cables
Home of Odie - Audio DIY software - DPC - Driver Parameter Calculator
Home Recording - The Mining Company
Home Recording Rights Coalition HRRC - preserving your rights to record
Home Systems Installer Magazine
Home Theater Forum
Home Theater Installation Training Site )
Home Theater Marketplace - audio and home theater furniture - media storage - audio accessories
Home Theater Now - Conference & Expo 1999
Home Theater Talk - internet discussion on Home Theater
Hong Da Industrial Company - speaker and microphone manufacturer - Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Department of Electronic & Information Engineering
HOONTECH Co.,LTD - mail order
H烼ERLEBNIS - Die Zeitschrift f Musik und High Fidelity - German Audio Magazine
Horn Loudspeaker Response Analysis Program
Horn Loudspeaker Page
Horn Shoppe - Hand built, full range, folded, horns - Eastover, South Carolina
Horn Speaker Home Page
Horsham Hifi And Home Cinema - UK
Hosa Technology, Inc.
Hosef Sound Lab
Hot Audio - 'high-end' audio kits
Hot House Professional Audio
HOT-ROD Audio - high performance audio processing systems and modifications for broadcasters
House Of Natural Sound - North Hollywood, CA
Hovland Company - audio manufacturer--vacuum tube electronics, cables, and Hovland MusiCap capacitors
Howard Dawson Audio - HRL-1 ribbon tweeter/supertweeter and remanufacture ribbon assemblies for Kelly MkII, Decca DK30, Decca London, and Decca Supertweeter
How to make a portable battery system for a Graham-Patten DMIC-20 Pre-Amp/ADC
How to Make Electrostatic Loudspeakers
HMmusic HiFi-HighFeeling - Zich
HRTF Measurements of a KEMAR Dummy-Head Microphone
HpW Works - Spectrum Analyzer software
HSC Electronic Supply - DIY parts - Santa Clara, CA
Hsu Research
HUFF Company, Inc - Engineered Noise Control Products and Systems - Lake Bluff, IL
Huff Loudspeaker Co.
Human Speakers - is a 12 year old company specializing in speaker manufacture and repair [formerly with Genesis Physics and LRS]
Human Speakers & DIY Speaker Repair for EPI and Genesis Physics
Hurleys Auto Audio - Mailorder Car Audio
Hussain's Audio Guide for the Deaf and Ignorant

IberAlp, s.l. - Pro Audio Gear - Madrid, Spain
IC MASTER Online - The electronic industry's leading source of IC info
ICOS Audio - Audio manufacturer - France
IED Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc - commercial audio systems, computer-controlled sound systems, & audio system management tools
IGA Valves - DIY & tube audio
iitems.com - mail order electronics
Image Loudspeakers Ltd - hand crafted speakers - Auckland New Zealand
Imagery Specialists In Audio
IMAI & CO., LTD. - Japan
IMMEDIA: Audio Physic, RPM Turntables, Yamamura, A.R.T., Lyra
Impact MiniDisc Labels
IMPACT Technology, Ltd
In-akustik GmbH & Co KG - Ballrechten-Dottingen Germany
In Audio - a Greek pro audio site
Inca Rock Sounds [Lazarus Audio Products] - Tube Preamplififer - Burbank, CA
Induction Dynamics loudspeakers
Infinity Systems
Information and Control Lab. Co., Ltd.- English version
Information and Control Lab. Co., Ltd.- Japanese version
Inner Ear Report - Canada's high end journal
Inner Sanctum
Inner Sound -Roger Sanders ESL company
Innovative Audio Video Showrooms - NYC & Brooklyn, NY
insiDe the MiniDisc (page d'accueil)
Inside HiFi magazine
Installation Shop - Car audio - Rochester, NY
Institut für Elektronik - Electronics Laboratory
Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton
Instituto de audio e Video
Instruction Manuals UK - purchase replacement instruction manuals for equipment
Integra Home Theater [Onkyo]
Intelix - mic/line mixers
Intelligent Electronics Solutions Inc.
Interactive Speaker Designer software
Intermusic.com - recording and more
International Components Corporation
Internet Audio Fans Club - Chinese language
Internet Guide to Electronics
Internet Sound Institute .
Intermedia Communications - Mobile Audio Recording & Production Services - Riverside, CA
International Auto Sound Challenge Association, Inc.
International Components Corporation
International Shopping Club - Audio Department
Internet Directory of the Car Audio Industry
Internet Guide to High-End Audio
Intersonics - Audio Technology R&D - ServoDrive
InterStudio Limited UK
Intertechnik; Lautsprecher, Chassis, alles Rund um die Electronic - Kerpen Germany
Into-It Audio - Vintage gear
Intusoft - SPICE
Inventures - Micro Digital Audio Recorders
Inwall Audio/Video and Networking, Inc. - Mail order inwall speakers - Portland, OR
IPRO - Independant Professional Representatives Organization - Audio/Video
IQS - Innovative Quality Software - Multi Track Recording - SAW Pro & Plus
Ironworkz Audio Designs - Component and Speaker Stands
IRP Professional Sound Products - Addison IL USA & Koln Germany
iSE Ltd. [International Show Equipment] - Used Audio Heaven Europe
Ishtek (includes Java based speaker design applet)
Island Record Audio Video - Ship Bottom, NJ
ISR - Naperville, IL
Istanbul HiFi Club
ITEC-Tontechnik und Industrieelektronik GesmbH (Acoustic Techonology and Industry Electronics)
IT. Electronic GmbH - DIY projects
IXOS - Interconnect and speaker cables
Izabelin Studio - Warszawy, Poland

J.& J. Sound Systems Ltd. - professional audio rental, sales, service and system design - Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada
Jabra Corporation - Earphones
Jackerman mail order electronics - UK
Jade Products DIY battery chargers for portable DAT that do a 100% charge
Jadis Electronics
JAG Audio - Lake City, Pa
Jameco Electronic Components
James Boyk's home page
James Melhuish - Single Driver Speakers & Horn Speakers
James Monroe Wire & Cable Corporation
JA Mitchell Engineering
Jammin' Jersey - raw-frame speakers, horns, drivers, crossovers - Northridge, CA
Jamo Speakers
Jamo SA - loudspeakers - Barcelona, Spain
JAM Roslagsgatan - Pro & Studio gear - Stockholm, Sweden
JamSync - Digital Studio - Hendersonville TN
JangWon Suh's DIY audio page
Jan Thogersen's Collection of vintage Bang & Olufsen radios - Denmark
Jantzen Audio - coil and inductor manufacturer
Japan-direct - Mail order Minidisc
Japanese Branded Electronic Products - mail order Hong Kong
Jason Cuadra's Audio DIY page
Jason Mikkelsen's Car Audio Page
Jason Neal's DIY Audio and Electronics Page
Jason Scott Distributing, Inc. - Tandberg and Electrocompaniet in North America
Jasper Audio - Circle Jigs
JATON TECHNOLONG CO.,LTD.     捷登科技事業有限公司
Jaycar Electronics - DIY parts mail order - Rhodes. NSW. Australia
JBL (Consumer)
JBL (Pro)
JBL Synthesis
J.C. Verdier - Turntables and Vacuum Tube Amps
JD Audio Home Page - Jacques Daigneau is your host [French]
JdB Sound, Acoustic Lab - Church Sound System Network
Jean-Marie Reynaud - French high end loudspeaker system
Jean-Paul Berchet's DIY page
Jeff Kinzli's Hometheater Mailing List (HOMETHEATER-L)
Jeff Rowland Design Group
Jeff's Sound Values - Used Audio Equipment - San Diego, CA
Jeff Whitmer - Audo/Video Hardware
JEMAH Services - Service and parts for Crown Tape Recorders - Goshen, IN
JENA LABS - High Performance Audio Interconnect Systems
Jensen Capacitors
Jensen Transformers
Jens Moller's Online 4th Order Bandpass Calculator & Speaker Wiring/Loading Examples
Jens Moller's Online Cross-Over Network Air Core Inductor Calculator
Jenzaz Hifi Linx
Jeroen Steenblik's "Huh?" page - DIY and CDR recording
Jerry's Antique Radio Page
Jerry's Audio Pages
Jerry's Audio Video - Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson AZ
J.K ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD    俊金企業有限公司
JH Audio - Tube audio and speakers - Thale, Germany
JICO Electronics CC - South Africa
Jimcom-o - Japanese Tube Enthusiast page
Jim de Kort's tube supply page
Jim's Exotic Audio Tales & Pictures
Jim Webb Antique Microphone Collection
Jin In Electronics Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of Microphone parts - Hsin Tien City, Taipei, Taiwan.
JINGO RECORDS CO.,LTD     金革唱片股份有限公司
JJ ELECTRONIC - tube manufacturer - Slovak Republic
JL Audio, Inc.
JLI Electronics, Inc.
JM Audio - high end dealer in Portugal
J&M Corporation
JMlab loudspeakers
JM REYNAUD - Jean Marie Reynaud loudspeakers from France
JOEMEEK - Mike limiters, compressors, and preamps
JoeNet Sound Digests - FTP site - text messages
John Gale's Audio Site
John Kreskovs's DIY Audio Page
John's Audio DIY Dipole Page
John's Audio DIY Page
John's Home Page - Audio & Classic Radio
John's Home Page - Speaker and Amp DIY projects
John's Home Page - Tube amps, HH Scott info and more
John's Old Audio Collection
Johnson Components Inc. - electronic components
Jolida - tube electronics - Annapolis Junction, MD
Joly Electronics Products Inc. - Loudspeakers
Jonas Stranne's Loudspeaker Page [Swedish]
Jon Gale's reference system & DIY Audio pages
Joseph Audio loudspeakers
Josephson Engineering Microphones
Joule Electra
Joy of Speaker Building by Mika & Max Tucker- DIY speaker project
J.P. Freeman Company
JPO's loudspeaker building site
JPS Labs - audio video and ac power cables and accessories
JPW Loudspeakers
JRF Magnetic Sciences - New and Reconditioned magnetic heads for analog recorders
J&R - online audio mail order
JR Transrotor - Turntables
Juke Box 45's
Julian Bunn's home page - developer of WinAIRR [PC based audio measurement system using Creative sound cards]
Julien's electronic site - tube audio DIY page from France
Jger Audio Studiotechnik GmbH - digital dynamic range processors - Berlin, Germany
Juster CO LTD - Speaker manufacturer - Taiwan
Just Real Music - Manufacturer - electrostatic loudspeaker
JVC America

K&T Sales - wholesaler and retailer of Koda, Goky, and Fidek audio products - Fort Wayne, IN
KAB Electro-Acoustics - Turntables, Cartridges, Restoration
Kapellmeister loudspeakers designed by Vivian Capel - a DIY site
Kar Audio.com - car stereo mail order
Katli Audio Company - high end audio - Chino Hills, CA
Kaufhof - Pro Audio - Germany
Kbapps Online Speaker Enclosure Calculators & DIY speaker information
KB Acoustics
KCA Kropotkin Classic Amplification Sterling, VA - NOS VACUUM TUBES
KDM Electronics Inc. - Central & Multi Location Speaker Systems, Voice and Music Sound Systems - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Keene Electronics - audio products and accessories - UK
KEF - Offical Home Page
Ken Lehma's DIY Audio page
Kennedy Sears Audio - tube amplifiers
Kennedy Tube Audio Home Page
Kennell - audio electronic equipment - Torino, Italy
Kenwood Electronics Germany
Kenwood USA Corporation
Kepco - electronic power supplies
Kerlegan Audio Loudspeakers - Loudspeaker manufacturer plus services for DIY builders
KETOS - high end audio technika - Bratislava, Slovakia
Kevin Flinn's Audio Home Page
Kevin's Audio & Music
Kevin's Vacuum Tube Audio Web Page
Keytronics - Electronic Parts Distributor - Hertfordshire, UK
Key-Wi Music - Pro Audio - Salzburg, Austria
KG Jack's Home Audio Page
KGM Studio Specialists LTD - Wakefield England
Kharma/OLS Loudspeakers
KH - Klein & Hummel - German audio/speaker manufacturer
Kicker - Americas Music Machines... Stillwater Designs
Kiewa Valley Stereo - State of Victoria, Australia
Kima by Akoo - rebroadcast streaming media from your PC or any digital audio source to any home stereo or portable radio system with 1,000 feet.
Kimber Kable
Kimiwa - Mail order
Kinetic Audio International Limited - speakers and speaker components
Kinetics Noise Control
Kirksaeter Speakers - Kingcaid Acoustics
KJ Electronics - home and car electronics
Klangpunkt - German High End Site
Klark Teknik
KL Audio Video - Pro Digital Audio manufacturer in Brazil
Klaus Schiffer's audio web site
Klaxon Signals Ltd - secomak vitavox halma group
Klay Anderson Audio - Salt Lake City, Utah
Klipsch, Inc.
Klipsch Professional
KitsRUs - DIY Electonics
K.L.O.N.E. - AUDIO - K.opying L.oudspeakers O.f N.atural E.legance - DIY
Kludge Audio
Klyne Audio Arts
Knocks OHG - HiFi, Video, TV, DJ, PA - Franfurt Germany
Kodel Corporation - Flat Panel Speakers
Koetsu S.E.Asia - Distributor of Koetsu Phono products
Kolja Tatic's Audio Art [literally]
Kondo Hirohito's Audio's Page
Kongsberg Electronics Express - Excess parts list - good for DIY
Konus Audio Systems - Exclusive 47 Laboratory distributor for Central and Eastern Europe
Kora Electronic Concept
Korato Audio Group - Belgrade, Yugoslavia - amplifier manufacturer & EI tube factory exporter
KORUS Car Audio
Kouch Magazine
Kove Audio Corp - Car Audio Speakers
Krell Industries
Kristian Ougaard - DIY electronics page
Krix Loudspeakers of Australia
KRK Systems, Inc - Professional Monitors
Kruunuradio OY - Audio/Video retailer - Finland
Krypton [Soundmine Company] - Audio retailer in Japan
Krystal Clear Audio Video - Dallas TX
KS SONS GROUP Co., Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
K-Tek professional mike booms
K&T Sales - Koda, Goky, & ADC Loudspeakers - Fort Wayne, IN
(r)KUROSH $1,500.00 CD cabinet
Kustom Sound Systems
Kuzma Turntables & Tonearms - KAT Ltd. Kuzma Audio Trade - Preddvor, Slovenia
KW TUBES - selling Russian made tubes

LOBAL ACUSTIK CO.,LTD     全球喇叭國際股份有限公司
LAB. Grubben
LAB. Grubben
Laboratory of Seismics and Acoustics
Labsystems - Audio Reinforcement Amplification Pro Sound Products
LA East - Ceiling Systems Loudspeakers
Lafayette LA70 Power Amplifier
Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc. - Probes and Gauss Meters
Lambda Acoustics Inc. - design, manufacture, and distribution of factory direct loudspeaker systems and components - DIY
Lambdoma Matrix
Lamm Industries
Landes Audio - Chester, NJ
Landmark Sound Labs - acoustical engineering services - Woburn, MA
Lansing Heritage - History of JBL, Altec Lansing and Lansing Manufacturing
Lanzar - American Crafted Car Audio Technology - Polish page
Lájszló's Home Page Audio and Music Links
Larking Audio Ltd. - professional recording equipment in the UK
Larson Davis Inc.
LaserCity Home Entertainment - San Francisco, CA
L A T International - High-End Cables and Accessories
Lauri Saviojan kotisivu
Lautsprecher & Elektronikversand
Lavardin Technologies
Lawo AG - Audio consoles - Rastatt, Germany
Lawson, Inc - Tube mikes
LAX Sonic Solution - Professional Electronics
Layman's Guide To High Quality Audio
Layne Audio - speaker parts, crossover components, repair parts and services for many speaker brands - Nashville, TN
L C Audio Technology International - Audio Amplifiers and D/A Converters
L C Audio Technology International - Audio Amplifiers and D/A Converters - Danish page
Leak [Unoffical Site]
Lectrosonics Inc. - Wireless Microphones & Audio Processing Equipment
Leda Resources Pte Ltd - one-stop for DIY speaker enthusiasts located in Singapore, China
LeeTo Sound - Sussex, NJ
Lee Sound Design - Atlanta, GA
Legacy Audio, Inc. - Springfield, IL
Legend Audio Design of Northern California
Legend Loudspeakers - Australia
Lenbrook America PSB speakers
Lenco Technic GmbH - German manufacturer of audio products
Len Wallis Audio - Australia - Juan Leon HiFi Advice
Leon Audio Company - Aldgate, South Australia
Leonhard Research - Consultancy in Auditory Perception Based on Transient Characteristics
Leo's Professional Audio - San Francisco & Oakland, CA
Level Control Systems
Lexicon Inc.
Leyman Music - Swedish distributor - Lynx Studio Technology & audio restoration software manufacturers
LFD Audio - British made high quality amplifiers
LH Musik & Audio AB
Liberty Instruments Home Page
Lidstr Audio - Stefan Lidstr's Swedish Audio Page
Lightning Audio Video and Computers
LINDEMANN audiotechnik - German audio electronics manufacturer
Lindos Electronics - Manufacturers of Audio Analysis Equipment
Linear Power
Linear Team - home of WinISD - freeware speaker designing software for Windows 9x/NT
Lineartech Audio - Harbro Corporation - Manufacturers of Professional Sound Studio and DJ Equipment - Brooklyn, NY
Linear Technology Corporation
Linear X Systems Inc. Home to LEAP, LMS, PcRta, Pac3, PcRtaJr
Link Audio Components - manufacturer of hifi loudspeakers and distributor of Daleson tube amplifiers
Linkwitz Lab - Siegfried Linkwitz's home on the web - DIY Speakers
Linn Inc.
Lin Robertson's Old-Time Radio Page
Lintone Audio Ltd - UK
Liquid sound
Listener Magazine
Listen Inc. - Soundware Loudspeaker analysis
Listening Post - New Zealand
Listening Room - Baltimore, MD
Listen Up - Denver, CO
List of Great Audio Sites
Little Labs - Pro audio tools
Little Warehouse Inc. - Recording supplies - Brooklyn Heights, OH
Live Audio Board - Sound reinforcement discussion site
Live Sound Concepts - Sound Reinforcement Systems and Services
Live Sound! International Magazine
Live Soundman - Livesound and Audio From Livesoundman
Living Control Systems - multi-room AV systems
Living Voice - British loudspeakers
Living Voice - British loudspeakers
LI-YUAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. - loudspeaker exporter TAIWAN
Ljudia Sound Tech - interactive speaker designer - Sweden
Ljudia Sound Tech - DIY speakers
LLano Design Group - Amplifiers
Location Sound Corporation - North Hollywood CA
Logitek - digital broadcast consoles
London Audio - London, Ontario
London Live DIY HiFi Circle
London Power
Lonely Island Studio - recording studio - San Francisco, CA
Loop Recorder - records audio data from your soundcard
LOSCONI High End Electron Valves/Thermionic Tubes
Loth-X Audio
Loud!! Association - Car Sound-offs UK
Loudspeaker horn cabinet designs by Jeff Robinson
LoudSpeaker LAB by GSW [Grenander Software Workshop] - box design, crossover design, and measurement software
Louis Lung's Speaker Related Projects
Louroe - Audio Surveillance
Lovan Industries - audio & home theater furniture, speaker stands and accessories
Lowell Manufacturing Company - manufacturer of electronic equipment racks, distributed audio products - Pacific, MO
Lowther America
Lowther Club Of Holland
Lowther for Life - Worldwide - Lowther Loudspeaker Systems
L. Ron Hubbard Music Studio - Microphones
LS3/5a - The unofficial LS3/5a support site for enthusiasts of this little loudspeaker
LS3/5a - unofficial LS3/5a List Server
LspCAD - Loudspeaker Computer Aided Design - box and crossover modelling
LRC - Lightning Retardant Cable
Lucasfilm THX home page
Lucky Music - Milano, Italy
Lundahl Transformers - quality audio transformers and tube amplifier transformers
LUZ e SOM LDA - Portugal - Custom Installation and Home Cinema Products - Distributor of Audioaccess; Systemline; Lutron; Sonance; Snell and more.
LVW Electronics - Professional Sound and Audio Visual Systems - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lyd & Bilde HiFi Magazine
Lyeco Loudspeakers - Li Yuan Electronic Co., LTD - Manufacturer of speakers and systems in Taiwan
Lyle Cartridges - Valley Stream, NY
Lynn Olson - Ariel and the ME2
Lynx Transducers - Speaker Manufacturer
Lyra Phono Cartridges - Scan-Tech Company - high-end MC phono cartridges
Lyric Audio Elite - Palencia, Spain
Lyric Hi Fi - New York, NY

MachMat - Dutch tube site
M&A Custom car Sound - Valley Stream, NY
Mach Systems, Denmark
Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. - Professional Sound Systems
Mackie Designs Inc.
MacPherson - loudspeakers for system contracting and live sound
Mactone - tube amplifiers from Japan
Madisound Home Page
Madrigal Audio Laboratories
Magazynu Hi-Fi - HiFi magazine from Poland
Magma - French audio retailer - Paris, France
Magna Chair - "Virtual Reality" Home Theater Recliner
Magnan Cables, Inc. - audio interconnects and speaker cables
Magnet Source - Industrial magnet information for loudspaker magnetics
Magnet Technology Corporation - Thailand - manufacturer of high end hifi equipment
Magnolia Hi-Fi - Pacific Northwest
Magnum Audio
Magnum Dynalab Ltd.
Magnush Speaker Project
Maida Development Company
Maik Herzog's Audio homepage
Mail Order Electronics Companies
Mail UK - Mail Order Electronics - Manchester UK
Make A TestTone is a generator of sinusoidal audio test signals for Mac Computers
MALM?Hi-Fi Centre - Sweden
MamboX - Portable MP3/CD Player plays both regular audio CDs and MP3 file format
MAM trading AS - Norwegian audio importer
Mana Acoustics - Audio Furniture
Man Boon Manufactory Ltd. - Wire for the audio industry
Manger Sound Transducer
Manley Labs
Manos Creative Designs, Inc. - Expressions of Individuality - Audio Furniture
Mantra Audio - specialists in the supply of cartridges and styli for phono turntables and record decks
Manuals Plus - manuals for electronic test equipment
Mapletree Audio Design - tube amps
Maplin Electronic Kits
Marantz Europe
Marantz's Legendary Audio Classics - The Collector's Pages
Marchand Electronics Inc.
Marcos Ski - Information on professional sound for shows, tables of sound, amplifiers, boxes, equalisadores, compressors, microphones, many tips, techniques and tricks on professional sound. Brazil
MARELL audio visual
Mark I Electronics - DIY speakers & amplifiers
Mark Levinson site dedicated to classic ML products
Marotta Electronics Expert Stereo Repair
Marquis in Spades - Live Recording Site
Marshall Day Acoustics - acoustics & noise engineering consulting
Marshall Electronics, Inc. - Cables and connectors
Marsh Sound Design
Mars Electronics - mobile sound parts, home audio parts, and accessories
MARS- Mobile Audio Research and Security
Martel Electronics - mailorder recorders - Yorba Linda, Ca
Marti Electronics - Braodcast radio manufacturer
Martin Audio - Buckinghamshire UK
Martin's Car Audio Page
Martin Logan
Martin Kleiser - London, UK
Martin Mkediek's Audio Pages
Masque Sound & Recording - Moonachie, New Jersey
Mass Technologies Pty Ltd - Perth, Western Australia - loudspeakers
Master Craft Audio - loudspeakers
MasterDigital Corporation - CD Mastering, Audio Resoration, Audio Archiving - New Orleans LA
Mastering web board & mailing list
Masterpiece A/V Inc. - New Milford CN
Matthias Brennwald's DIY-audio/HiFi, tube amps (KT88, KT66, EL84), electron tubes, speakers and MacSpeaker (a Shareware Program for speaker analysis)
Mathic's DIGITAL AUDIO / MINIDISC / DAT releated projects
Mattias Sandgren DIY Audio Pages
Matt's Car Audio Page
Matt's Thermionic Emissions - Tube page
Matt Wylder's Stereo Page
Max Audio - Japan
Maxell World Wide
Maxim Digital Audio - freeware - VST plug-ins, utility and analysis software
Mayday GmbH
mbl of America - loudspeakers and electronics
McCauley Sound Inc. WWW Headquarters
McCormack Audio
McCurdy Radio Industries Limited - Multi Channel Radio Broadcast Automation System
McIntosh Labs
McIntosh Pre-owned Home Audio For Sale
MCM Electronics
Mcmix Production Services Inc. - Smyrna, GA
Mc Squared System Design Group - consulting firm providing sound system design - North Vancouver, BC
MDB Consulting
MD Gear - the latest MD portables from Japan
MD-Walkman - Chinese MD site
Meadowlark Audio - time coherent speakers
Mean big phat MD page
MECA - Mobile Electronics Competition Association
MECI - Mendelson's Electronics Co., Inc - surplus electronics
Media Control Technologies Inc.
Media Dimensions - Dania, FL
Media Markt - German source for mail order media - tape, cdr, md etc
Medianix Semiconductor, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Media Supply - CDR supply
MegaForce Technologies Incorporated - designs and builds loudspeakers
Megatone Electronics Corporation - electronic parts manufacturer - Taipei, Taiwan
MEIsearch - Mobile Electronics Industry Search
Mel Audio Co. Hi Fi - Emilia, Italia
Melbourne Audio Club Inc.
Melco on-line - Aiwa distributor in New Zealand
Melhuish - single full-range driver loudspeaker site
Melmusic - Used pro audio
MELOS AUDIO Restoration -
Melting Pot
Meniscus Audio Group - Factory Direct speakers, audio, and DIY audioparts - Wyoming, MI
Mercenary Audio - New and Vintage pro audio equipment - Foxboro, MA
Merging Technologies - Digital Audio recording products
Meridian Audio Home Page UK
Meridian Audio America Home Page
Merlin Music Systems
ME Sound / ME Technologies
Meta-Gizmo - home of the Triode Guild
Metal Cylindrical Horn Design with KEF Uni-Q speakers by Onur Ilkorur
Metasonix - Vacuum-Tube Synthesizers
Metaxas Audio
Metric Halo - home of ChannelStrip, Mobile I/O, and SpectraFoo
Metronet Safe & Sound - home theater - Chicago, IL
Metropolis Speakers
Meunier Electronics Supply - Indianapolis, IN
Meyer Sound Australia
Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.
MG Electronics - Electronics is a manufacturing importer of speakers, transducers and switches
MIAS - Mark Iler Audio Services - Seattle WA
Michael Hartkopf's - Microphone Homepage
Michael Yee Audio - manufacturer of High End audio components
Michel Fertin - French manufacturer of loudspeakers
Microacoustics Audio Software Products - PC Audio Lab - Italy
MicroAudio - Originator of the Tamper-Proof Equalizer
Micro Connection - Fullerton, CA
Micronetics Inc Ltd - Tubes
MicrophoneReview.com - Guide to Condenser Microphones
MicroSound Unlimited (MTU) - Raleigh, NC
Microtech Gefell studio condenser microphones
Micro Technology Unlimited
Micro - Vernon CA
Microvolt Corporation's Harmonic Calculator - out to the 15th
Mic Shop - Nashville TN - pro mic sales
Middle Atlantic Products, Inc - audio equipment mounting solutions
Midi Classics
Midiman USA & M Audio - professional digital & analog audio
Midland Audio Exchange - West Midlands Quality HiFi Audio Specialist
Midnite Hour Productions
Mike Bates DIY audio pages [tubes & horns]
Mike Feldman's Homepage - Loudspeaker/Audio & Pseudo-Binaural Head microphone projects
Mike Long's Aussie Car Audio Page
Mike's Aussie Car Audio Page
Mike's Electric Stuff - DIY and Tubes
Milan Palicka's audio pages
Milbert TAmp Hybrid Tube Amplifier
Millen Hardware - many "hard to find" electrical components - Stoneham, MA
Millennia Media Inc - designs and manufactures professional audio recording products
Millenium Audio - Car Audio Products
M&K Professional
Mingzi Electronics Co.,Ltd - Audio amps and parts - Zhaoqing City, Guangdong China
MiniDisc Appreciation Home Page
MiniDisc Community Page
MiniDisc Comparison Page - by Robert Nguyen
MiniDisc Convenience Station - Japanese
MiniDisc Holders
MiniDisc: Il logico successore della "cassetta"
MiniDisc im Camcorder - news article
MiniDisc Mailing List (MD-L) - FAQ
MiniDisc Manager
MiniDisc - Martin Borus's Page [with tips on how to recover a lost recording.
MiniDisc Secrets - Get more than 80 minutes on your MD
MiniDisc Switzerland
MiniDisc Trading Post
MiniDisc T-Station - enthusiast site
MiniDiscussion - MD site
MiniDisc World
Minimaniax - German MiniDisc site
Mining Company
Minipod by Blueroom Loudspeakers Inc.
Mission Arts & Crafts Speakers from Audio Nouveau
Mission Home Page
Mission Recording and Audio
MIT Acoustics & Vibrations Lab
Mitchell Engineering
M.I.T. International, Inc. - Acoustical Insulation Systems
MIT - Music Interface Technology
Mitsubishi Home Theater Products
Mivok - German Speaker manufacturer
Mix Magazine
Mix Magazine Online
M.J.Electronics Car Audio - Clarksburg, MA
mjQ - Home & Project Studio Specialists
Mobile Audio Page
Mobile Authority - Compton, CA
Mobile Dynamics Installation Schools
Mobilistics - Westlake Village, CA
MOGAMI WIRE & CABLE - Marshall Electronics - US distributor
Mogens Andersen's DIY speaker project
Mohren Distribution
Mojo Tone
Monarchy Audio
Mondial Designs Ltd.
Monitor Audio
Monsoon Audio - Car and Desktop audio
Monster Cable's Web Site
Montana Loudspeakers
Moon Audio (Used Equipment Sales) - Bloomington, MN
Mordaunt-Short Ltd
Morel Acoustics USA
Morgan Audio Systems - manufacturer of cd players, amplifiers and tuners - UK
Morgans Bargain Mart and Hiway HiFi - Delbarton WV
Morgan Sound
Morrison Audio
Morris Studios Bloomington MSB - studio & location recording, mixing, editing, audio restoration, transfers, CD mastering - Bloomington IN
MORSIANI - Morsiani Carlo srl - Tonearms and turntables from Italy
Morten K. Nielsens MiniDisc homepage
Morten Viggo Thorstensen's - Antique Radio Gallery
Moseley associates - broadcast radio manufacturer
Moth Audio Corporation - tube amplifiers
Moth Group - Electronics and Turn Tables
Motorola DSP Audio
Mouser Electronics
MPEG Audio
MPJA - Marlin P Jones and Associates - DIY electronics
MP Man - the portable palm size Digital Audio Player
MPO Group - manufacturing and duplication of audio CD-R, Mini-Disc, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, Audio CD-R
Mr. Transistor Electronic Center - Auburn, Alabama
MS-Max International
MSB Technology
MSWired - Market Share Manaufacturer representatives
MT Audio - home of an audio hobbiest with interest in Quad ESL's and tube amps
Multimedia Library of IRCAM (Research Center in Music and Acoustics in Paris, France)
Muscle Fish, LLC - Consultants in audio, music, MIDI, digital signal processing (DSP), and audio search technology. SoundFisher sound file database managament software.
Muse Electronics - Manufacturers of audio equipment
Muse Productions
Museum of Radio and Technology
Museum of Sound Recording, NYC
Musical Concepts - modifications for audiophiles - Saint Charles, MO - John Hillig
Musical Design - modifications for audiophiles - Saint Charles, MO - John Hillig
Musical Design Company - . Importers, distributors & installers of the world's finest audio
Musical Fidelity
Musical Surroundings - Oakland, CA
Musical Touch - Car Audio - Port Richey, FL
Music Annex - Menlo Park, CA
Music Audio - Atlanta GA
Music & Audio Connection
Music & Audio Mall
Music Books Plus
Music Connection - German high end retailer - Stolberg, Germany
Music City - Audio dealer - Koln Germany
Music Factory - DJ Gear
Music Hall
MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES MMS - CD mastering - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Music Metre
Music On MiniDisc
Music Sciences Inc. - Digital wireless wall speakers
Music Solutions
Music Store Professional - Pro Audio - Germany
Music Supply Company Inc. - Arlington, TX
Music Technology
MusicTECH Productions Home Page
Mutine Inc. - Actinote, Audiomat, Equation & Vecteur
Muyiovatki Site - Audio and the Duelund horn
My audiophile loudspeaker design project by Arto Jaaskelainen
Mydo - mail order
Myer-Emco - retail stores in MD, DC, VA
My J-body Home - car audio
My Life With PZMs
Myryad Systems
MYTEK DIGITAL Pro Audio Manufacturer
MZ's CDR Resource Page

NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
NAD Electronics UK
NAD Electronics USA
Nady Systems
Naim Audio
Naim Audio - Offical Site
Nakamichi America Corporation
Naked Truth Audio: Builders of Hi-End tube audio Equipment
ndik design AB Bilstereo Billjud - Car Stereo - Sweden
Nashville Amp Service
NAT design - vacuum tube preamplifiers and power amplifiers
National Panasonic Malaysia
National Semiconductor Audio
National Tape & Disc
Nat Waddoup's Car Audio Page
Nauck's Audio Department - 78 rpm record enhancement
NBS Audio Cables
NCT Audio Products, Inc - Gekko Audio
Neanderthal bone flute
Nearfield Acoustics Inc. - Pipedreams loudspeakers
Neat Acoustics - UK
Neato - CD labeling system
Negative World Wide Web Land
Nelson Electronics Ltd - Hong Kong
Nelson Sound Inc. - sound systems for broadcast, concerts, corporate events, theatre, churches and performing arts - Burbank CA
Nerd World - Mike's Car Audio Home Page
Netdzb - Chinese audio magazine and BBS online
Network Audio Bits Electronic Magazine
Neuance by Greater Ranges - Isolation Platforms
Neukomm Audio Systems
Neumann USA Microphones
Neutrik - connectors and Cortex Instruments test equipment
NEWARK Electronics - DIY parts
Newell Electronics - new and rebuilt Delco and other radios
New England Audio Resource - NEAR Speakers
NewFoam - WorldWide Speaker Repair & Speaker Parts
New Frontier Electronics, Inc.
New Japan Radio Company LTD - semicomductors
NewQ - NeoWave International, Inc - high-performance audio equalizer [software]
New Sensor Corporation
Newtronics GmbH - Hifi Lautsprecher
New Tube Company - Tube supply - Inwood, NY
Nexo SA - sound reinforcement loudspeaker manufacturer - Paris, France
Next Generation Marketing - serving IL & WI
Next Tag - Mail order Electronics
NHTPro - active studio monitors
Niavac Audio Visual - Pro Sound - Belfast, Ireland
Nick England's Vintage Hi-Fi Gear
Nick's MiniDisc Page
Nick Ozanich Custom Home Theatre Installations
Nick Sukhov Digital Audio WEB library - Russian site with many articles on Audio Power Amps
Nicholson Audio Homepage
Nicolas Radio Collection
Nicor Home Theater
Nightlines Audio - Monroe, Connecticut - High end audio
Niles Audio
Nirvana Wire
Nirvis Systems - hardware and software for music automation - Sony S-Link interface
Nitty Gritty Record Care Products, Inc.
NJD Electronics Ltd - Manufacturers of Professional Sound for the Nightclub, DJ & Stage industry - Nottingham, UK
Nohr Loudspeaker Company - Hand carved speakers from Thailand
Noise Cancellation Technologies, Inc
Nolan's Audio Visual - AV Retailer - Memphis TN
Nomad - a Japanese anti-MD site
Nordost Corporation
nOrh Loudspeaker Company Limited - Thailand
Normal modes of a tuning fork
North American Capacitor Co.
Northampton Audio - Good Used Gear List
North Creek Music - speakers and DIY speaker systems
Northeastern Digital Recording
Northern Audio Exchange Pittsburgh, PA
Northampton Audio - Northampton, MA
North Star Design - Digital Audio Equipment - Hi-end conversion systems
North Star Design S.r.l. - high quality amplification from Italy
Northwest Tech Inc. Electronics
Norwegian Historical Radio Society
Nostalgia Air - Tubes
NOTEPERFECT Loudspeakers
NotePerfect loudspeakers
Nova Audio Inc.
Nova Loudspeakers
Now Hear This - NHT
NOW! Recording Systems, Inc - audio/video recording media
Noyz Boyz Advanced Audio Services - pro audio sales - Amsterdam, Netherlands
NSCA - National Systems Contractors Association
N S M Loudspeakers
NT Audio Labs
NTE Electronics Inc - Bloomfield, NJ - Parts
Nuance & Fluence - Adnan Arduman's personal DIY tube audio site
Nubert Speaker Factory
Nu Horizons Electronics Corporation - headquartered in Melville, NY
Numark - Professional DJ products
Number 9 Technologies - 2 Recording Studios, Media Duplication and Pro Audio Rentals - Toronto, Canada
Nuragicarstereo - sardegna, ITALY
Nuts About HiFi - Silverdale, WA
Nuts and Volts - DIY & surplus
NuView Audio - Australia
NuWay Speaker Products Inc.
NWFIRR Audio Tools - Software Equalizer and Tools for High Resolution Digital Audio
NXT - New Transducers Limited

Oade Brothers Audio - Hi-Fi Sales and Service
Oakos Automotive - Mobile electronics and accessories
OAP Audio Products - pro audio loudspeakers
Obscursions Magazine - Audio reviews and articles
OCTAVE Louspeakers - Karlsbad, Germany
Octave Systems - CD recorders, recording software, cd-r media - Campbell CA
Octave Systems - CD recorders, recording software, cd-r media - Campbell CA
ODEON Room acoustics prediction programs
Odyssey Design Group, Inc. - manufacturer of Odyssey products, and importer and distributor of Symphonic Line and Groneberg cables
Odyssey Innovative Designs - DJ racks and cases
OEM Systems Company
Ohm Speakers
OKTAVA microphones
OKTAVA microphones
Old Colony - DIY KITS
Old radio Digital World - historical and collectable electronics
Olflex - Wire and Cable
Oliver Friedman's Audio & Video Pages - Many DIY projects including making an S/P-DIF insulation transformer
Omicron Group - Speaker manufacturer - Saludecio (Rimini) ITALY
Omni Audio Sound Systems
Omtec - Hifi Components - German manufacturer
One Call Mail Order Audio & Video Consumer Electronics
One Electron
One For All - remotes
ONG Radio Service - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Brunei
Open Air Loudspeaker - Home and car speakers - Germany
Open S-link Project - site dedicated to Sony's S-link control
Opera Loudspeakers - Italian producers of hi-fi loudspeakers
OptiCombo - German supplier of digital audio computer hardware
Optical I/O daughter board for SBLive - Value
Optimum International 2000 - manufacturing and distributing High Quality, Original & Attractive Hi-Fi Stands
OPT Industries, Inc.
Opus Supplies B.V. - Blank recording media - Netherlands
Oracle Audio Technologies
Oram Consulting Ltd - UK
Orange County Speaker Inc.
Oranges & Lemons - audio and video retailer in London, UK
Orban - Digital Audio Products
Orca Design & Manufacturing
Orcad - software for electronic design
OrdinaThor - Audio page discussing fullrange speakers, horn, high efficiency, tqwt, multiple arrays, general audio topics
Oregon Triode Society
Orchid Precision Audio - professional audiophile components
Origin Live - products, kits, modifications - Southampton, UK
Orion Audio
Orpheus Acoustics - Acoustical Consultants - Lancaster, PA
Orpheus Audio - Loudspeaker manufacturer - Sydney, Australia
OrtoConnex Ab - Audio Products and remote controls - Sweden
Ortofon A/S - cartridge manufacturer
Osaka University
Osborn Loudspeakers - Handcrafted in Victoria, Australia
Oscar's MiniDisc Media Gallery
OSHA guidelines for the length of time a person can be exposed to various levels of loud noise
O. S. Services Audio Distribution - high end audio and audio furniture
Otari Corporation Of America
Ottawa Vintage Radio Club
Outlaw Audio, Inc
Outline Professional Audio - Italy
Out-There Audio - Duplication Service - UK
Outpost - Tweeter's on-line sales site [New England Audio Group]
overstock.com - mail order electronics
OWI, Inc. - Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems
Oxford Audio Consultants
Oxmoor Corporation Professional Audio Products
Oxtel - digital a/v switching
Oz Audio - car audio loudspeakers
OZ Enterprises - audio consulting - Orleans, ON
Ozone - Audiofiles - Karlovac, Croati [Croatian text only]
Ozren Bilan's Audio site from Croatia

Pacific Audio & Alarm
Pacific Innovative Electronics
Pacific Microsonics, Inc origin of the HDCD
Pacific NeoTek - Palm Pilot IR remote control for your system
Pacific Supply & Trading Co.
P墔ina de audio de Ernest Ruiz
PAI-YUING CO.,LTD     百韻股份有限公司
P. A. Installations
Paisley Park Studios
Paleface's Speaker Project
Panaudio Electronics Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer and exporter for Loudspeakers & cabinets in Malaysia
Panasonic Hi-Ho Japan
Papworth Audio Technology - amplifiers tube and mosfet - Cambridge, UK
Paradigm Simulation Incorporated - AudioWorks2
Paradigm - Speakers
Paradigm - Speakers
Paradise Sound - San Jose CA
PARA Professional Audio Retailers Association - Paralink
Parasound - high end audio and home theater components at reasonable prices
pARTicular contemporary design - Audio furniture - highness sound platforms
Parts Express
PA Sound GmbH - Pro gear and Hard disc Recording supply - Frankfurt, Germany
PAS Professional Audio Systems
Passive Crossover Networks - EZ Tutorial for Car Stereo Installers
Pass Labs
Patman's "Pat Cave" Audio pages
Pat's Home Page: The Great Electrostatic Speaker/Amp Project
Pat's Tube Schematics
P. Audio Systems Co. LTD
Paul Franks HiFi Pages
Paul Hynes Design LTD - High End products - UK
Paul's Radio Museum
Paul's Virtual Museum - Tape recorders, radios and test equipment
Pause Record - Music Archiving
PBN Audio
PCABX - Online Downloadable Double Blind Comparator for Windows and test files for audio products
PC AV Tech - Technical tests of audio products including players, recorders, sound cards, equalizers, and multichannel
PC Recording.com offers how-to information for Digital Audio Workstations, reviews and articles regarding recording equipment and software, and much more
Peak Audio products
Peak Audio Ltd. - Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA
Peak Consult - Danish loudspeakers
Pearl Microphones AB
Peavey Electronics
Pear Cable Audio Cables
Peerless Electronics USA
Peerless Fabrikkerne Denmark
PenAudio Ltd. is a loudspeaker manufacturer in Jyvkyl? Finland
Pendulum Audio - Class A Vacuum Tube Signal Processors
Penn Fabrication - DIY speaker hardware & 19" rack systems
Pennsylvania State University Acoustics Department Homepage
Pentacone System
Penta Laboratories - manufacturer & distributor of electron tubes - Chatsworth, CA
Performance Audio - professional sound Salt Lake City, Utah
Perfectionist Audio Components PAC
Perfect Pitch Audio - Medina IL
Perfect Sound Forever - Magazine
Performance Audio - professional audio products - Salt Lake City, UT
Perpetual Technologies Inc. - loudspeaker and room correction
Perreaux - New Zealand distributor
Pages personnelles de Marius - AUDIO [Personal pages of Marius - AUDIO] - DIY and enthusiast page from France
Peter Corey's Page - Audio related site
Peter O'Neill's Audio Project Page
Phase Linear
Phase Linear [official site]
Phase Linear Lynwood - factory trained Phase Linear Service Department technician
Phase Technology Corporation - Loudspeakers
Phaze Audio, Inc.
Philco Radio Resource Page
Philex Electronic - electronic parts - London, UK
Philips Speaker Systems - Vienna/Austria
Philmore & Datak - DIY Audio
Phil Mundi - Exponential Horns & DIY - Belgium
Phil's Audio - DIY & Kit Speakers
Phil's Old Radios
PHL Audio - French raw driver manufacturer
Phlox Electronique - YBA Speakers and Electronics- France
Phoenix Audio International - service for owners of pre 1980 Neve recording consoles
Phoenix Dipole Speaker - DIY project by Siegfried Linkwitz
Phoenix Gold - car audio products
PHONAR Akustik GmbH - loudspeaker manufacturer - Tarp, Germany
Phone-Or, Ltd. Optical Microphones and Sensors
Phonic Corporation - mixers and PA gear
Phonograph ring
Phonomi - importateur d'amplificateur ?tubes
PHS Pioneer Hill Software - Spectra Plus - Audio Spectrum Analyzer
PHY-HP - Cables - information about loudspeakers and cables
Phy Mod 2.0 - Physical-Modeling-Programm
Physics of Sound - from the United States Naval Flight Surgeon's Manual
Pico Technology Limited - Data Acquisition and Virtual Instruments - PC Based Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, meters, and data loggers
PIEGA SA - Swiss Loudspeakers
Pierce Sound Equipment Ltd. - London, Ontario
Pierre Gabriel Acoustique
Pillowtalker - Technology Sales Inc. - pillow speaker - Palatine, IL
Pinnacle Loudspeakers
Pioneer Electronic (Europe) NV
Pioneer Electronics Singapore
Pioneer Home Electronics
PJBOX - Personal Juke Box
Placette Audio - Crystal Clear Volume Controls
Planet III - full service commercial audio facility - Lexington, Kentucky
Planetary Society's - Mars Microphone - hear the sounds of planet Mars
Planet Audio - Europe
Planet Audio Exclusive Product Representation/Sales - Santa Barbara, CA
"Planet Audio" in Russia VES & M.
Planet Hifi - On Line Webzine
Plantronics Santa Cruz, CA
PLASA - Professional Lighting and Sound Association
Platinum Audio
Platinum Sound Systems - CD Technologies USA
Plinius Amplifiers
Plitron Audio transformers
Plurison - Canada
Plus Audio - Salamanca, Spain
Plus One Engineering - loudspeaker components for the professional and competition automotive markets
PM Components [PM Valve Labs] - Tube Amp Parts and products - England
PMC - Professional monitors and loudspeakers, Hertfordshire England
PM Excursions - Audio links
Pocket Fuel - Drum Loops for recording
Podium fuer Lautsprecherselbstbau
Polk Audio
POLYFUSION AUDIO - Electronics - Lancaster, NY
POP Sound [Pacific Ocean Post] - Studio - Santa Monica, CA
PowerSnakes - Audiophile Power Cables
Portable Microphone Preamplifier Circuit DIY
PortaBrace / K & H Products, Ltd - cases for portable audio
Portier HiFi - High End - Le plus Grand Choix de Suisse
Portier HiFi - Switzerland
Positive Feedback
Possche's Audio Schematics - Tucson AZ
POSTHORN RECORDINGS - Recording and Sound Equipment for the Professional
POUL PETERSEN - Electronic design and prototype development - Skanderborg, Denmark
Power Amper Industry Inc. - high-end car audio
Power Modules Inc
Power Quality Webzine
PowerSnakes - Audiophile Power Products - Shunyata Power cords
Power Surge
Power Technology DSP·FX system
Poza Consulting Services - Audio Tape Verification and Authentication (Audio tape analysis)
PRBLine - Projector-Recorder Belt Corp - replacement belts and other parts for audio gear
Preamble Instruments, Inc. - test gear
Precision Interface Electronics Inc.
Premier Systems - Chicago, IL
Precide SA - Swiss high end distributor
PreSonus Audio Electronics
PressIT?CD labeller
Price Stevenson Acoustic Research PSAR - Downingtown, Pa
Primare Systems
Primare Systems - Swiss distributor page
Primary Elements - digital music licensing resource
Prism Media Products, Inc.
ProAc Loudspeakers
Pro Audio Center - Richland, MS
Pro Audio Design- Rockland MA
Pro Audio dot Net - Buy 'n Sell Pro Gear
Pro Audio Search - search for pro audio products and services
Pro Audio Sistemas e Treinamento - Brazil
ProAudio Web Germany
Pro AV
Pro Co Sound, Inc - Audio Cables, Snakes, Custom Engraved panels, and Audio
PRODISC TECH INC. TAIWAN - daily CDR price guide
Production Resource Group
Product Review Net - reviews of audio gear
Professional Sound magazine
Professional Audio Systems [PAS] = loudspeaker systems and components for the professional audio industry
Professional Sound Corporation - mixers, RF devices, distribution systems, slating devices and lavalier microphones
Professional Sound System & Linear System - by Yuri D. GUTSATZ Jr. [France]
Progressive Audio - Columbus, OH
Progressive Audio - Rainham, Kent, ENGLAND
Progressive Retailers Organization - Fine Audio Dealers
Project One AV - Pro Audio - Hollywood, CA
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Pro Media
ProRec - Professional and Home Recording Resource
PRO STAR AUDIO CO.,LTD   飛揚音響股份有限公司
Prosessori - Finnish Electronics Magazine
PROSIG - Solutions in Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display
Pro Sound International - Tullytown, PA
Pro Sound News
Pro Sound & Stage Lighting - mail order pro gear
Pro-string Horbach, Horbach, Rohner GbR - HiFi-furniture - Buchholz Germany
ProStudio & Live Audio
Proton Germany
Proton USA
PS Audio
PSB Speaker Systems
Ptolemy Services - home of Jade Noise software
PTS Inc., Ontario, California, USA
Pure Bits - Manufacturer of Sample Champion, audio testing and analysis software
Pure Note - online manufacturer-direct audio cable resource
Pure Silver Sound - silver audio cables
Purist Audio Design
Purple Legion - High-end Audio retailer in Moskow Russia
P.W.B. Electronics
Pysmatic[tm] AudioPhile Center
Pysmatic[tm] AudioPhile Page

Radian Audio Engineering, Inc. - Manufacturer of compression drivers, diaphragms, woofers, coax transducers, and systems
Radiant Sound Works - Mansfield, Ma - Tube equipment repair
Radio and Phono Museum - From crystal sets to transistor radios, from cylinders to 78 rpm - Jean-Luc Fradet
Radio Dial Scales
Radio Design Labs
Radio Electric Supply
Radio Hobby - a Russian site
Radio Page by Chris King
Rádios Antigos no Brasil [Antique Radios in Brasil]
Radio Shack Sound Level Meter Accuracy Test
Radio Shack Sound Level Meter [33-2050] Modifications
Rainbow Electronics - Specializing in Tube-based electronics - Sacramento, CA
Rakuten Inc - mail order electronics - Japan
Ralph Electronic Supplies - LA & TX
RAM Audio - professional amplification
Randolph Electronics - Bowling Green, KY
Rane Corporation
Ranger Audio Enterprises Calgary, AB Canada - Providing services, mods & repairs
Rapco International Leaded - Cable
Raphael Audio Workshop by Ulrike Raphael - Gladbeck, Germany
Raphael Sound Design - Digital Sound Acquisition and Processing
Rapid Audio Warehouse - mail order audio
Raudio Speakers
Raveland - German Speaker manufacturer
Ravemaster - German Speaker manufacturer
Raxxess - electronic racks and related accessories
Ray Samuels Audio [RS Audio] - manufacturer of the EMMELINE RS-1A pre-amp
Raymond Sarrio Company - Electron Tubes
RBH Sound Inc.
RB Elektronica - H Elektronica vakblad voor de hobbyist, professional en student
Real Enginners - View complete info on any registered Audio Engineer, including picture, discography, bio and contact information
RECORDED MEDIA SUPPLY - Tape And Related Supplies For Recording Professionals
Recording Architecture - Recording Studio designers/ architectural acoustics consultancy UK & USA
Recording Connection - on-the-job training in major recording studios
Recording FAQ - maintained by Erwin Timmerman
Recording Sound e-zine UK
Recording Underground - CDR info
Redgum Audio
Red Rose Music by Mark Levinson
Red Trumpet - source for music storage accessories
Reed Kotler Music, Inc. - music study recorders
Reference 3A - Loudspeakers - Kitchener, Ontario, CA
Reflection Audio - preamplififer manufacturer - Stephen Balliet's designs
Rega Research
Rega Research - Walrus Systems Hifi Website
REGNAR Co. - The Dahlquist Specialists
Rehdo - Loudspeakers
Reichelt Elektronik GmbH - recording media - Sande, Germany
Reimer Speaker Systems: High Fidelity Stereo Loud Speakers
REL Acoustics
Reliable Capacitors
Remembrance of Sound Past in Seattle
REMO Loudspeakers - DIY speaker systems and supplies
Remote Central - Universal Remote Control site
Renaissance Amplification - tube amplification - England
Rent Com
Repairnow.com - Find experienced quality service in your area to repair anything audio
Resistor Color Codes Calculator
Resolution Audio - digital audio products
Reson - Germany
Reson - Swiss site
Resources for CD-R and Stereo Pairs
Reu絽nzehn Tube Power
Review 33 - an audio review site from Hong Kong
R.G. Sound & Communications
Richard Gray's Power Company
Richard Lerman's Sound Art Pages
Richardson Audio Services
Richardson Electronics, Ltd.
Richer Sounds UK - Mailorder Hifi
Rictee's CDR Homepage
Rik Stoet High End Audio BV - Holland
Ringmat Developments - Record playing accessories - UK
River Oaks Car Stereo - Houston TX
RITOP Mobile Electronics Installation School
River Oaks Car Stereo
Riverside Music and Technology
RixRax - audio furniture
RJPC - Robert J Popham Company - design center for high quality consumer electronics
RL Acoustique - Robert Lamarre's horn loaded wide band speakers based on Lowther designs - Montreal, Canada
R.M Audio - Australian distributors for Audison of Italy
RME Intelligent Audio Solutions - digital audio products - USA
RME Intelligent Audio Solutions - digital audio products - Germany
Robert J. Popham Company - design center for high quality consumer electronics
Robison Electronics, Inc. - parts supply
Rob Malcolm' Audio Page
Rob Uyeyama's High End Acoustics
Roca i Batlle - Pro Sound Distributor - Barcelona, Spain
Rockford Fosgate Corporation
Rock Park - live recording info
Rockustics, Inc - stealth outdoor speakers
Rocky Mountain Sound Online - Vancouver, BC
Rodec - high quality professional mixers from Belgium by Transtel Sabima Ltd
Rogers Loudspeakers
Rogue Audio Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
Rolf Bergendorffs Radio Museum
Rolls Corporation - signal processors, amplifiers, mixers, signal sources, and interface accessories
Roksan Company UK
Room Acoustics
Room Service Audio and Video Systems - Tigard, OR
Roman Audio Systems
Rorke Data - hardware and software digital storage
Roscoe Primrose's Ultra-Fi Page - DIY Audio
Rotel of America
Rothwell Electronics - UK
Rowtex - Premiums supplier of electronics - UK
Roxy Systems, Inc - mail order audio/video - Marlborough, MA
RPG Diffusor System's
RR Audio - high resolution loudspeakers
RS Components - electronic parts - UK
RS On-Line - mail order electronics - UK
RTZ Audio - professional studio recording preamplifiers - Alpharetta, GA
Ryan's Audio - mail order car stereo
Ruark Acoustics Ltd - Home Page - British Loudspeakers
Ruby Tubes
Rubycon Corporation - capacitors and more
Russell Industries Inc. - Electronic Distributor for parts, components, and belts
Russell Warshay's DigiSoniK - High End Audio
Russound - manufacturer of audio distribution products and the revolutionary A-Bus system
Rustrak Ranger - Audio measurement

Sabella Studios, Inc - Recording studio - Roslyn Heights Village, NY
Sabine, Inc. - Professional Audio
Sabra-Som Comercial Ltda. - manufacturer of Microphones and mounts - also consulting - Brazil
SADiE disc recorder editor
SADiE disc recorder editor
SADiE user forum (web board & mailing list)
SAD Technic - Repairs to CD players, amplifiers, sound mixers - Bayswater, Westaustralia
SAE College - school of audio engineering
SAE Technical College - school of audio engineering - New Zealand
Saehen - Korean manufacturer of Recording Media and batteries
Saerim Electronics - manufacturer of amplifiers, turn tables, and speakers - South Korea
Sakura Systems
Salamander Designs Ltd. - Audio furniture
Salmagundi Recording Studio - Northfield, MN
Samadhi Acoustics
Sam-il Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd - Audio Transformers
Sampo Syreeni's page on Audio and Sound
Sample Champion by Pure Bits - audio testing and analysis software
Sample Net
Sancho's Playhouse - car audio page
San Francisco Audio Network - SF Audio Net
Sangaji Music - Jakarta, Indonesia
Sanibel Sound Import Distributor of Audio
Sanjom's Acoustic World - supply magnets, electret condenser microphones, headsets and speakers
Sansui Exporter
Sansui Lovers' Appreciation Web - large collection of images and information
Santa Barbara Sound Design - Recording Studio - Santa Barbara, CA
Sanus Systems
Sanyo Semiconductor Co. Japan
SAP Strumenti Acustici di Precisione - Salerno, Italy
Sas Audio Labs - Manufacturers of Vacuum Tube Home Stereo
SAS(r) Bazooka(r) Home Page
SASCA (Swedish Auto Sound Challenge Association)
Sascom Marketing Group
Satory Speakers
Saturday Audio Exchange Chicago, IL
Saturn - German audio retailer
Savant Audio & Video, Inc. - Princeton, NJ
Saved by Technology - mail order pro audio - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sawada Denki MiniDisc Page
Scamp Sound Masking Systems
Scan Speak
Scheck Audio
Schematic Drawing Program SKEM - download site
Schoeps Microphones
School of Sound - Glasgow, Scotland
Schuro Elektronik GmbH - electronic parts for audio diy and audio-tuning - Germany
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ
Scientific Design Pty Ltd - Lowther Club of Australia
Scott Anthony - Producer-Engineer-Mastering
Scott Holderman's Studio Maintenance Page
Scott's DIY Loudspeaker Page
SOUND ART CO.,LTD   藝聲有限公司    
SCR - Soci?des condensateurs RECORD - French manufacturer of high quality condensers for audio - Cheauroux, France
SD Acoustics
SDG acoustical products
SDS Labs
SD Systems - microphones
SEA - Home Theater Speakers
Seck Audio - Triode Amplifier, Loudspeaker, Accessories
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity on the Web
Securitech (Asia) Ltd - Car Audio - Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
SeeHear Limited - Audio distribution products - UK
Seeing Sound - Feasibility of Audio Animation
SEIDEN - rotary switch manufacturer
SEK'D - Digital Audio Gear
Select Products - automotive audio product specialists
Selenium Loudspeakers
Seneschal New Media
Sennheiser Home Page
Sennheiser Home Page
Sensible Sound Magazine - subscriber-supported audio equipment and recordings review publication
Sequerra Online - Dick Sequerra's products
Servodrive Inc
Sescom Inc. - audio accessories for pro and semi-pro and aluminum enclosures
SES SA. Stereolith (r) Switzerland single box stereophonic hi-fi speaker system
Setiawan Audio Pages by Setiawan Widjaja - Indonesian Tube Audio and DIY
SFB Electronics - Netherlands
Shahinian Loudspeakers
Shakti Audio Innovations
Shallco - Audio Attenuator and Rotary Switch Products - Smithfield, NC
Shamrock Audio - Loudspeaker manufacturer
Sharp Electronics Austria
Sharp 701/702 Unoffical Homepage by Peter Wood
Sharp Electronics Benelux B.V.
Sharp MD 722 Page
Sharp MD-MS701 TOC cloning clamp
Sharp's Audio Visual - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sharp Shopper Audio Electronics
Shawn Lin's Home Page
ShATR database
Shearne Audio - high end audio manufacturer
Sherlab - audio parts
Shermann Professional Loudspeaker Systems
Sherwood America
Sherwood Systems Inc - Pro Audio - South Central Ontario
Shinco - China
Shindo Laboratory Inc.
Shop4tech - online retailer of blank CDR/CDR-W and recorders
Shoreline Amplififers - Tube products by John McCormack
Shoutcast - streaming audio MP3
Showcase International Music Book
ShowPro MIDI - for Automated mixing consoles and processors
SHOWTEK - Tecnologie per lo spettacolo
Shrape International - buying, selling & brokering quality used pro-audio recording & production equipment - Hawthorndene, South Australia
Shun Mook Audio Inc.
Shure Brothers Incorporated
SIA Software Company, Inc.
Sibatech - Japanese exporters of KONDO, AEOLUS, FAL, MCS, & ZYX
Sicut Sol Editrice s.r.l. - Specialista Audio/Video/Musica - Italy
Siemel - French Manufacturer of High End audio
Siemens AG
Siemon Company/CommScope
Sierra Audio - Power Amplifiers
Sierra-Brooks Classic Horns - Horn Loudspeakers by Kevin Brooks - Provo, Utah
Signals - Hifi for grownups - Suffolk, UK
Signal2Noise - journal for the professional audio community
Signature Audio Ltd. - High end audio retailer - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Signature Sound - Liverpool, NY
Signature Technologies Inc. - Tube Electronics & Speakers
SigTech - Cambridge Signal Technologies Inc. - Acoustic Correction Systems
SIGVIEW - real-time spectral analysis application
Silent Running Audio - high end audio equipment isolation bases
Silent Source Interior Acoustical Products
Silicon Sam's Technology Resource - DIY
Siltech cables
Silver Audio - D Lin's pure silver audio cables
Silver Com - pure silver audio cable from Germany
Silver Line Audio Technology - Loudspeakers
Silver Signal Cables
Silversmith Audio - Manufacturer and retailer speaker and audio interconnect cables using ultra thin silver ribbon conductors
Silver Sonic - D.H. Labs SILVER SONIC audio cables
PASCAL SIMEON's page about antique radio and tubes [Lyon]
Simon Yorke
Simply Audio/Video Inc - Audio systems - Charlotte, NC
Simply Hi-Fi - Subiaco, Western Australia
Single Stones
Singularity Enterprises, Inc. Pro Gear New York, NY
SINTRON Vertriebs GmbH - Electronic Import/Export
Sinus loudspeakers
Sinus - measurement tools
SJS Electroacoustics - Valve Amps & more
SKYCRAFT Parts and Surplus, Inc. - DIY - Electronics and Government Surplus - Orlando, FL
Skye's Technical Tips
Smack's Car Audio page (Australian)
SMART Devices, Inc.
SMc Audio - by Steve McCormack - Providing performance-enhancing upgrades for owners of McCormack Audio
SME Limited - Turntables and arms
SMPTE - society for motion picture and television engineers
SMR Home Theatre Forums and Audio Forums
Snack Sound Extension for Tcl/Tk -
SND Tube Sales
Snell Acoustics
Snell Acoustics
Soat Industries, Inc. - Car Audio
Society Professional Audio Recording Services
So Flo Tube Amps - Ft Lauderdale, Florida & Weehawken, New Jersey
Soft Sound Limited - audio coders
Sola/Hevi-Duty - Transformers, Power Conditioners, DC Power Supplies, Uninterruptible Power Supplies ( UPS ) and Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors ( TVSS )
Solder Flux Basics by Paul D Stransky - DIY soldering information
Solen Electronique Inc.
Solid State Logic
Soliloquy High Fidelity Loudspeaker Co.
Solstice Multimedia Systems Inc.
Solus In-Wall Loudspeakers
Sonavox of America
SONEX acoustic and noise control
SONEX Illbruck Corporation Industrial Acoustic Products
Sonic Art - manufacturers of speakers, tube amps and cables - Victoria, AUSTRALIA & Yannawa, Bangkok Thailand
Sonic Craft - DIY Loudspeaker parts
Sonic Design - high end audio accessories and software for Hi-Fi loudspeakers and loudspeaker design
Sonic Foundry - Recording software
Sonic Frontiers  Inc.
Sonic Sense - new and used (pre-owned and reconditioned) recording equipment
Sonic State
Sonic Studios(tm) - DSM(tm) Stereo Microphones
Sonic Timeworks Digital Audio Software
Sonicweld - Loudspeakers
Sonic Systems, Inc
Sonifex - home of Courier - a compact, battery powered digital audio recorder
Sonigistix Corporation - planar transducers
Sonneteer - Audiophile
Sonnet?Software - high-frequency electromagnetic simulation software
Sonneteer - FTM Marketing
Sonorous Mastering Inc. - Tempe, AZ
SONOTRIM Lavaliers - microphones
Sonus Faber Official Site
Sonus Faber - Amati fabrikage
SUNRISE RELORDS LTD.     上揚國際股份有限公司
Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe
Sony - consumer protection page
Sony - DADC
Sony Exposed
Sony Malaysia
Sony MD Hacking
Sony - MZR55 Page by Marcus Johansson
Sony R50 vs. Sharp 701 FAQ - Matthew Brock
Sony Semiconductors
Sony TCD7 & TCD8 Resource Guide
Sony R50 vs. Sharp 701 FAQ
Sony Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure
Son Video - la hi-fi, la video et le home cinema
Sota - Turntables
Sotis - high-end vacuum tube amplification systems and high-efficiency speakers
Source Audio - DIY audio
SOUND & VISION - Audio retailer - Orland Park IL
SOUND & VISION Magazine Online
Sound Advance Systems - formerly known as Bertagni
Sound Advice - Florida retialer
Sound Advice USA Inc. - Baton Rouge LA
Sound Anchors audio stands
Sound and Media Lab at MIT
Sound & Vision - High End Audio - Orland Park, IL
Sound Approach - Newport News, Virginia
Sound Art Productions Inc. Canada
Sound Bound Studios
Soundbooth - Church Sound help
Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs - division of Surplus Technology Group, INC - pro audio loudspeakers - Waxahachie, Texas
Sound Broker - Cash Landy Pro Sales
Sound By Design - high quality turntables
Sound By Singer Inc. - New York, NY
Sound Care - SuperSpike
Sound Centers InterNet Shop - home of Sinus Speaker Kits
Sound Challenge Associations Official UK Web Site
Sound Chaser Pro Audio - Arcata, CA
Sound Clearing House
Soundcoat noise control solutions
Sound Company
Sound Consultant
Sound Conceptions
Soundcraft - Mixers
SoundCulture is a festival focused on the creative use of sound outside of the field of music by practitioners based in the Pacific region
Soundelux Entertainment Group - production services - Hollywood, CA
Sounddesign Info-Site at Technical University Vienna
Sound Distributors - Las Vegas NV
Sound Dogs Inc. - Sound Effects and Production Music library
Sound Dynamics Associates - recording, duplication, and archival of music
Soundex - Willow Grove, PA
Soundown Corporation - Noise Control and Vibration Damping Materials - Marblehead, MA
Sound Factor - Santa Monica, CA
Soundhabit.com - Mail order car audio by Audio Liquidation - Ft. Collins, CO
Sound Hire
Sound Hua Industrial Co Ltd - Speaker manufacturer - Taiwan
Soundhunter - sound effects
Sound Lab
Sound Lab - Audio and Video - Chicago IL
Sound Lab Professional - professional sound and DJ equipment
Soundline Audio - Ribbon Loudspeakers
Sound Images Inc. - Westport, MA
Soundman OKM I/II - Binaural stereo microphone head-sets
Sound Mind Audio - Dallas TX
Sound On Sound - Hi-tech Music Recording Magazine Online
Sound Organisation Inc.
Sound Performance International - Coral Gables, FL
Sound Physics Labs - High Performance Pro Audio - ServoDrive
SoundPool - Digital Audio - CD Production - HD Recording - Zaberfeld-Germany
Sound Productions Pro Sound - Dallas TX
Sound Professionals - products for the professional and amateur recording industry
Sound Pros - mail order hifi - San Diego, CA
Sound Room - Oktava, Lomo, Nikfi, Elation, Byetone, Nevaton, AEG and RTT Microphones and accessories
Sound Reproduction Magazine
Soundscape Digital Technology Ltd. - manufacturers of professional Digital Audio Recording Equipment
Soundscape Audio/Video Specialists - Baltimore, MD
Soundscape Gallery of Unique Audio + Video - Santa Rosa, CA
Soundscape Gallery of Unique Audio + Video - Santa Rosa, CA
Sound Seal - noise control products
Sounds Fine - Ithaca, NY
Sounds Inc. - buy and sell top quality audio equipment - UK
Sounds Like Music - Phoenix, AZ
Soundsmith - electronic repairs & contract engineering
Sounds of Music - South Kent, UK
Sounds Of Silence - Nashua, NH
Sound on Sound - Hi-tech Music Recording Magazine Online
Sound Performance - commercial sound and high-end residential home theater installations - Coral Gables, FL
Sounds Expensive - Rugby, Warwickshire, UK
Soundsmith - warranty audio repairs - Peekskill NY
Sound Solutions, Inc. is based in Maryland U.S.A
Sound Solutions - Autosound Installation software
SoundStage! Live - for audio enthusiasts
Sounds That Pound - Car Audio & Accessories - mail order
Soundstream Technologies
SOUND TECHNOLOGY - Test and measurment
Sound Technology - Instrumentation and Automation
Sound Technology PLC - Letchworth UK - PRO Audio distributors
SoundTube Entertainment, Inc.
Sound Unlimited LLC.- Bristol, CT
SOUND VISIONS - A/V consultant and integrator - Arlington, TX
SoundWave Professional Music Industry World Wide Web Site
Sound Waves
Soundwaves - Home and Car Audio & Security! Sales, Service, Installations
Sound Works - Audio Recording
Sound World - La Crosse, Wisconsin
Southeast Audio Services
Southern Electronics - electonic distributors - New Orleans, LA
Southern Automated Systems SAS - Audio equipment
Southwest Technical Products Corporation - resource
Sowter Audio Transformers (E A Sowter Ltd.) - transformers for professional and enthusiast audio
SoX - Sound eXchange - swiss army knife of sound processing programs by Chris Bagwell
So, you need to mike your drums?
So, you want to build a pair of binaural microphones?
Spark - Zhuhai SPARK Electronic Equipment Co.,LTD - Tube and solid state electronics manufacturer - China
Spatial Audio Literature
Speaker Art - Super Clef - Speaker Art High Performance Series Loudspeakers and High Order Series networks
Speaker Building Net Home Page
Speaker Building Page
Speaker City USA - DIY and raw drivers - Burbank, CA
Speaker Clearing House
SpeakerCraft Inc
Speaker Direct - home of StudioLab Loudspeakers
SpeakerDoctor - loudspeaker repair services - Enfield, CT
Speaker Domain - Speakers and Speaker Systems for Home and Car Audio
Speakerlab - Seattle, WA
Speakerland - DIY Speaker Kits
Speaker Medic - Allman Music's Reconing service
SPEAKER PRO Loudspeaker Simulation Software
Speaker Scam hits London
Speakers Etc. - Phoenix, Arizona
Speaker Works - DIY parts
Speaker Works Northwest - DIY parts and service - Springfield, Oregon
Speak-EZ Productions
Spearit Sound - high end audio - Boston & Northampton, MA
Speck Electronics
Spectra Dynamics Audio products
SpectraFoo Visual Audio Monitoring
Spectral Audio Inc.
Spectral Modeling Synthesis Homepage
Spectron - digital power amplifiers
Speed and Sound - Brooklyn, NY
Speed-O-Tach, Inc Audio Radio & Electronics - Concord, CA
Speed Sound Electronics
SP-Elektroniikan kotisivu
Spendor Audio Systems
Spero's Home Theater
Sphinx Laboratories, a division of Audioscript BV - The Netherlands
Spielberg Audio Labs
Spinaudio - RoomVerb, SpinDelay, and VST-DX Wrapper Lite audio software
Sprinter page MiniDisc
SQ Decoders Survey - SQ enthusiasts site
SRS Lab's WOW Thing - audio enhancement processor based on patented technology
SRT - UK CD Manufacturing and Mastering, CD-ROM Pressing, Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing
SSEI - Distributors
SSI Products, Inc.
Stage Accompany - professional sound systems with ribbon technology - Holland
Stager Silver Solids - Pure silver interconnect cables
Stager Sound Systems - New York, NY
Stage Tec - Digital Mixing and Routing
Stanton Magnetics
Star Club On-line Store - Culver City, California
Stardust - Rio Riedras, Puerto Rico
Star Light and Magic - theatre, stage, dj, sound, special effects
Starlike Oy (Ltd) - professional sound and lighting
Statement Audio - Video - Knoxville, TN
State-of-the-art Hi-Fi - Croatian Hi-Fi Internet pages
State of the Art (Music & Film) Pte Ltd - Singapore
Staticmaster?Brushes and Ionizing Units
Station 2001 - le spialiste audio/video - Mauvoisin, FRANCE
Status Acoustics
St. Cecilia Sound Gallery - Specializing in tube electronics
Stealth Mikes - Sound Professionals
Stefano Pasini's web site dedicated to classic professional turntables, as well as his collection of EMT, Thorens, Telefunken and Garrard machines.
Steg - Italian Car Stereo - by GT Trading
Stein Music - DIY Audio - Mheim, Germany
Stephen Moore's Active Feedback Subwoofer
Stephen Hayden Laboratories
Steren Electronics International Ltd.
Stereo - German magazine
Stereo 411
Stereo Design - San Diego, CA
Stereo East - Dallas, TX
Stereo Equipment
Stereo Exchange - New York, NY
Stereo Jungle
Stereoland - Mineapolis MN
Stereolith by SES SA(Sound Electronic Systems Switzerland) - Loudspeaker manufacturer
Stereo Microphones - Sound Professionals
StereoPhile Guide to Home Theater
Stereophile On-Line
Stereo Shop - Hartford, CT
Stereo Shoppe - Boise, ID
Stereos of the Rich and Famous
Stereo Sound Book
Stereo Stones
Stereo Times - online magazine
Stereo Trading Outlet
Steve & Scott's Internet Tape Labeler [make labels online]
Steve's Vacuum Tube Related Web Site
STF Electronics - Vacuum Tubes, Supplies for Vacuum Tube Constructors
Stirling Audio
Steve Bennett HiFi
Steve's Speaker stuff - DIY speaker projects
Stillwater Designs - Mobile Audio Products
STMicroelectronics - global independent semiconductor company
Stompboxology - home of the Stompbox Cookbook a guide to building advanced effects for electric guitar and bass
Stop and Listen Inc - audio for interpretive & exhibits industries
Strad Service son lumière ltée - Pro Audio Dealer Canada
Strassacker: Lautsprecher - Boxen - Selbstbau [non-standard HiFi solutions] - Eggenstein, Germany
Strato Zoo Productions - Record cutting - GRENCHEN - SWITZERLAND
Straight Wire Europe
Straub page - tubes
StreetDreams Car Audio Installation - Atlanta, GA
Stryke DIY audio page and more
Studio 107 HiFi-Occasions and HiEnd - Netherlands
Studio 1 Productions - mail order - York Springs, PA
Studio Audio & Video Ltd (UK) - SADiE
Studio B Productions
Studio Daub - stereophone Musikwiedergabe - fine audio - Koblenz, Germany
Studio Bauton
Studio Dual - 24-track analog & 24-track digital recording studio - Cape Elizabeth ME
Studio M - Hi-Fi components and parts featuring AER, Antrim, Cabasse, E.J. Jordan, Lancroft, Lundahl
StudioMaster - Pro Audio Gear
StudioTech Inc.
Studio Tips - acoustics, wiring and production tips for project studios, sound systems, and a/v installation
Stuut en Bruin - Hifi and DIY parts
Subminiature Pencil Tube Radio
SubSolutions - Car, boat, truck, & RV subwoofers
SuBsonic Creations Audio Visual - Manufacturers of quality Audio, Home Theatre Sofa Cinema - Sydney, Australia
Subwoofer DIY Page V 1.1
Subwoofers.com by Audio Concepts - mail order subwoofer drivers and parts
Subwoofers.org - Internet Resource For High Performance Audio by Audio Concepts
Sudeep Audio - recording studio and duplication service - Mumbai India
Sugden Audition Audio
Sugden - Unoffical site
Summit Audio Inc, - tube-based pro-audio gear
Summy Industries - Electronic Components
Sun Audio - Japan
Sunfire Labs
Sunshine Stereo - Miami, FL
Sunshine Wire & Connector
SUN BRO'S AUDIO CO.,LTD    志仁音響有限公司
Super Soundproofing Company
Supra Audio Cables by Jenving Technology AB
SUPRATEK TRIODE - Triode Tube Audio pages
Supreme Audio, Inc.
Supreme Video - Digital sound/video
SureThing CD Labeling Software
Surplus Sales of Nebraska - DIY parts
Surplus Traders - Surplus electronics and speakers
Surround Sound Discography - Surround enthusiast site
Surround Imports Pty Ltd - Audio Distributors in Australia
Surround Sound Elektor-Verlag
SurroundSpeakers.com - Ohm Factory Outlet
Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox - good information on 78 restoration
SWEDAC Swedish Acoustic Products Innovation AB - products for noise and vibration control
Sweetwater Sound Inc - Fort Wayne IN
Swintek - Wireless mikes & headsets
SWR Sound Corporation
Sye Mitchell Sound Co Woodland Hills CA
Symbolic Sound Corporation
Symetrix Incorporated - Professional Audio Signal Processing for Recording, Broadcast, and Sound Reinforcement
Symposium Acoustics - component damping and isolation devices
Syn-Aud-Con - Synergetic Audio Concepts - Audio training
Synergistic Research
SYRINCS Audiotechnik GmbH - Prosound, car audio, theater speaker manufacturer in Germany
Syscom Company - Wireless microphones - Korea
System Audio
Systems Development Group, Inc
Sytek Audio Systems Corp. - professional quality microphone pre-amplifiers

Tabor Electronics, Inc.
Tachyon - Japanese audio products distributer
TACT Audio Inc
TAD - Technical Audio Devices - Pioneer
TAG McLaren Audio Ltd
TAIWAN DENPO CO.,LTD     台灣電波股份有限公司
Takatsugu's Audio Site - Japanese only
Take Five Audio
Take Five Audio - high end audio dealer - Palmerston, Ontario Canada
Talaske Group - Oak Park, IL
Talon Audio Technologies
Tannoy/TGI North America Inc.
TapEdit - Tape Covers
Tapeless Studio Magazine
Tapeonline - online recording media store
Tape Recorders by Paul's Virtual Museum
Tape Tape - supplier of new and 1 pass tape
TapeTracker computer cataloging and reference system for collectors of musical recordings
Taquis - PC Base FFT Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Data Analysis, Data Acquisition, and Application Frameworks
TC Electronics
TDI Group - Home of Tremiver and Action - Electronic Components - connectors, switches and associated products
TDK Europe
TDM Design Inc. - Professional electronic crossovers, limiters, and EQ's
TDS True Dimensional Sound, Inc - Passive Harmonic Enhancement Systems
TECA Electronical Appliance Kingdom 電器王國電子商務網
Teac Worldwide
Team Electronics - A/V electronics retailer - Central Illinois
Team ROCS - Car Stereo enthusiast page
Team Schoeps - enthusiasts recording with Schoeps microphones
TechDeals - Guide to technology bargins
Technical Projects, Inc.
TECHNICS - unoffical Technics turntable page
Technomad Inc. - Rugged Outdoor Loudspeakers & Mobile Sound
Tecnare Sound Systems - Pro audio from Spain
TEC PA and Lighting - student run organisation at the University of Nottingham UK which provides sound and lighting for concerts and discos on and off campus
TecSol Inc - Japanese tube and parts order
Ted's Excellent Cable
Telecon Systems - mail order audio - DeLand, FL
Telescan Systems, Inc - CD players and changers ruggedized for continuous use
Telesis used electronic equipment - Anaheim Hills, CA
Teletone Radio - Tube Supply
Telinga Microphones
Telos Systems
Tempo - mail order electronics - UK
Tenor Audio - tube amplification - Montreal, Qu嶵ec Canada
TERK Technologies
Terrapin Tapes - Source for Recording Media
Test & Measurement World magazine
Test Equity
Teufel Loudspeakers
THAT Corporation
The Absolute Sound
The Art of Foley
Theater Design Associates Inc. - home theater design - Chicago, IL
The Audio Adventure
TheAudiophile.com - links to the audiophile's needs
The Binaural Source
The development of CD
The Edge (Sound & Vision), East Anglia's premier retailer of Home Cinema and Multi-room HiFi
The Good Guys
The Little Guys - A/V retailers - Glenwood IL
THEL - T.Hartwig ELektronik - Audio Engineering - DIY amps and more
The Mix
The Music Cable Company [TMC] - Audio Cable and Speaker Wire
The New Tube Co TNT
The Parts Connection
The Perfect Vision
The Speaker Building Page - Roy Viggo Pedersen at Nordland College
Thesis Acoustique - speakers and DIY kits
Theta Digital
THE - Taylor Hohendahl Engineering - Microphones
The Tube Amp and Music Electronics Newsletter
THIEL & Partner GmbH - Loudspeaker Systems with Ceramic Drivers, Vacuum Tubes, Professional Hifi Devices, PC-controlled Measuring Systems
Thiel Audio
Thin Film Technology - Passive Electronic Component Manufacturer
THLaudio - audio modifications and DIY hobbist on audio tubes, parts, kits and more
Thomas Nulla's High Fidelity Site
Thompson Electronics Company - Peoria Il
Thor Audio - Unique All Tube Audio Components
Thorburn Associates
Thorens of America LLC.
Threshold Audio Video Inc.
Thule Audio HiFi site
Thum + Mahr - German systems integrator for broadcast audio systems
Thunderwire?- save MP3 to minidisc
THX Digital Dude
Tice Audio Video Technologies
TIDAL AUDIO ENGINEERING - German Loudspeaker and audio furniture manufacturer - Leipzig, Germany
Tim Brown's Audio Page
Time Electronics - Union, NJ - Service, Repair, Modifications, Design Engineering, Live Sound & Studio Production
Time-Warp - Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades
Timo Christ's Homepage - DIY and Horn speakers
TL Audio Valve Signal Processors
TMH Corporation - MicroTheater Soundstage
TMI Transformers Manufacturers Inc - Norridge IL
TNT - non-profit Internet HiFi magazine
TOA Electronics, Audio Systems
TOA DIGITAL - Digital Mixing Systems
Tom Browne's Implementation of a cheap "digital" speaker
Tom Ellis - Vintage Microphones
Ton Philippo's unofficial AKAI homepage
Tonsil - speakers from Poland [text in Polish]
Tony Boon Professional Audio Services
Toroid Corporation of Maryland - transformers
Torres Engineering - tube amps, DIY, Kits, and parts
Toshiba America Consumer
Total Access Recording Studios - Redondo Beach, CA
Total Media Concepts - Foster City, CA
Total Media Inc. - blank recording media
Totally Tubular
Totally Wired Ltd. - Audio systems - Dunedin, New Zealand
Total Media Inc. - Every type of tape... but RED
Totem Acoustic
Tour Management and Promotions Company UK Ltd - Tour audio
TOZ électronique
Trace Elliot - pro amplification
Tracer Technologies - Noise reduction, Audio Enhancement, Audio Restoration and CD Making software
Trance Audio Inc - musical instrument miking solutions
Transcendent Sound, Inc - tube amps, preamps, and otl amps
TRANSCO GROUP PLC. Professional Audio, Video, Motion Picture Film & Data Media Products
Translogic Electronics AB - cost-effective tools for Electronic Design
Transmission Line Speakers - A gathering together of transmission line lore, examples, & links by David Dlugos
Transtel Sabima Ltd - Rodec - high quality professional mixers from Belgium
Trantec Systems - Microphones
TraxData - Optical Media
TRC Recording Studios - Indianapolis, Chicago, & L.A.
Tree Designs - Solid Oak media storage racks, speaker stands and stereo component storage - Boone, NC
Tree Sound Studios - Norcross, Ga
Trenner & Friedl Musikwiedergabe - Friedl is manufactorer of High End Loudspeakers and Distributor of ASC Tube Traps, ASR Friedrich Scher, Benz Micro, Cardas Audio, Jeff Rowland, and SPJ
Trevor Lees Audio - Kew, Australia
Trew Audio, Inc. - Nashville, TN
Triad Speakers Inc.
Trichord Research - CD-player modifications, digital audio, amplifiers, mains purifiers, cables
Triode audio by Stephane Puechmorel
Triode Electronics Inc.
Tripath Technology - Class T amplifiers
Tri-Planar Tonearms
Tripp Lite
Trishtrax Sound Production - Digital recording studio in Durban, South Africa
Triskom Sales Limited - distributing some of the finest Audio/Visual Furniture
Tri-State Loudspeaker
Tritech Electronics, Inc. - Electronic Service on all Major Brands - Greensburo NC
Triton Electron Technology - Power Grid Tubes
Tritium Electronics - home of the Triphazer - West Allis WI
Trojan Electronic Supply Co., Inc. - Parts & Components - Troy, NY
True Audio - loudspeaker simulation software
True Colours Industries - high end wire and cable products
T-Station - MiniDisc Site
Tube Amp Information
Tube DIY Paradise by Aqua Blue - SPEAKERS, AMPLIFIERS, PARTS, HOME CINEMA, High-End, Repair, recone speakers, tube testing
Tube Lovers Anonymous featuring the COVI Mark II 100 W OTL Amplifier
Tube Man
Tube Electronics - Leonard G. Barton
Tubes 4 All - Tubes and DIY kits - The Netherlands
Tubes On The Web - Computerized tube testers and tubes for sale
Tube Store - online store that sells vacuum tubes
Tubesville Thermionics - Tube amplifiers, repairs, modifications and custom amps - New York City, NY
Tube World - tubes for sale
Tubelar Page - an enthusiast page by Auke Dost
Tuki Covers
Tune-Town - Mail order car audio - Sandusky, Ohio
Tung Music - A/V retailer - San Jose, CA
TUNING AUDIO - French site [in English too] Information and project share for DIY & audiophiles
Turbosound - sound reinforcement speaker systems
Turner Audio Sales - pro audio - Newtown, CT
TurnKey - The U.K.'s Music Technology Superstore
Turntable Factory - Columbia, South Carolina
Turntable Gallery by Eng Chye
Turntable Lab - DJ equipment and goodies
Turtle Beach Systems
Tusa Consulting Services - Consulting, Antique Radio Parts, and Technical Services
Tweeter Home Entertainment Group
Twice - Consumer Electronics Magazine
Tyler Acoustics(tm)

U Alberta Electrical Engineering FTP Service
UF Technology - one stop connector house - Sim Lim Square, Singapore, China
UKD - UK Distributors Of The Finest Italian Audio Products
Ulrich Haumann's Vintage HiFi Pages - DIY projects including plasma speakers
Ultra High Fidelity Magazine
Ultralink Cables
Ultra Resolution Technologies
Ultrasound Hifi - amplifiers, cables, and speakers - Italy
Ultimate Audio Magazine
Ultimate Entertainment and System Design
Ultimate Guide to Home Audio
Ultimate Sonics - Distributors of High End Hi-fi - London, UK
Ultimate 2-way horn loudspeaker system created from Altec Lansing's full size 210 "Voice of the Theater" cabinet
Ultimate Spatial Audio Index
Ultra-Fi Webring
Ultrasound HiFi - Padova, Italy
Unbeatable Company UK - mail order electronics
Underground Sound - Memphis, TN
Unison Research - Italian maker of integrated, pre and power valve amplifiers, phono stages and accessories
UNITED AUDIO CENTERS- Chicago and Suburban Chicago-land Area IL
United States Autosound Competition - USAC
Universal Audio - authentic reproductions of vintage analog equipment
Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEIC)
University of Denmark Department of Acoustic Technology
University of Hannover, Hannover Germany - Audio software page
University of Salford Applied Acoustics Department
Unofficial Ricoh CD-ReWritable Page - CDRW-capable AudioCD Players
Unoffical Sharp 701/702 MiniDisc homepage
Upscale Audio Exchange - new and used audio equipment - Hollywood, Florida
Uptown Audio - Roanoke, VA
USAcoustics - Car Audio Amplifiers
U.S. Amps
USA New Gear Price List
UsedSSL.com - The offical factory source for used SSL consoles
US Enclosures

Vacuum State Electronics
Vacuum Tube Gallery
Vacuum Tube HiFi Audio
Vacuum Tube Logic
Vacuum Tubes Hi-Fi Audio
Vacuum Tubes Unlimited
VAC Valve Amplification
VAF Research - DIY Kit Loudspeakers
Vallen-Systeme GmbH - Acoustic Emission Site
Valve Amplification Company
Valve Audio - DIY tube car amps
VALVE BASICS by Harry Lyth
Valve Hearts - Kn Germany
Vampire Wire
Van Alstine Audio
Van Den Hul Audio Products
Vandersteen Audio
Van L. Speakerworks
Van Medevoort - Dutch hifi brand
VansEvers Audio - Power conditioning products
Vantage Audio - high-end audio reference systems - Halse, UK
Vantage Controls
Vaux Electronics Inc.
VdB Boom Poles - microphone booms
VDO Dayton - car multimedia systems
Velleman: Electronics, Kits, tools and equipment
Velodyne Acoustics Inc.
Veneman Music Company - Pro Audio
Venturer Electronics Ltd - manufacturer of audio products
Verity Audio USA - Parsifal
Vero Amplifier Company
Verslab Inc
Vestax - DJ Equipment
VIBE - Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures and amps for PRO and CAR
Vibe Webzine
Vibrapod - Isolators
Vibration Data - hosted by Tom Irvine
Vibroworld - Vaccum Tubes and other Electronics
Victor-s Electronic Discount Center - Florida and Brazil
Video and Audio Center - California
Video Direct Distributors?- MiniDisc & DAT
VidiPax: Magnetic Media Restoration Headquarters
VIFA - A S E - Acoustic Systems Engineering - Distribution in Germany
Village Sound Company, Inc. - Owings Mills, MD
Vince Christian ltd. - Loudspeakers - Spreckels, California
Vincent Verdult's Subwoofer Page
Vintage Amp Repair - Specializing in Threshold/Forte Audio - Citrus Heights, Ca
Vintage Audio - service repair and upgrades for ARC, Pass Labs, and others
Vintage Audio Traders - vacuum tube Hi Fi gear, horn loudspeakers, and other sound reproducers
Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Web site
Vintage HiFi selected audio and transmitting tubes - Bruno Ceccarelli - Italy
Vintage Loop,LLC - mail order pro audio - Shelby Twp., MI
Vintage Microphone Collectors - James U. (Jim) Steele
Vintage Phone - antique mikes and more
Vintage Radio. Vintage Wireless. Vintage Audio. Vintage Hi-Fi. NVCF, The World Famous National Vintage Communications Fair
Vintage Tube Services - Rockford MI
Vinyl Addicts Home Page
Vinyl Record Collectors by Neville Moffatts
Vinyl Revival
VINYLIUM - The ONE and ONLY Vinyl Record Pressingplant of Switzerland!
Virtual Times Audio and Acoustic Links
Viruz MD Page
Visions in Audio by Werner Ogiers
VISONIK Elektroakustik
Vistar Audio Company Limited - audio amplififers - Taiwan
Viva Audio Devices - Italian manufacturer of speakers and electronics
VMI - Military & Tactical loudspeakers & battery powered Class D amps
VMPS Loudspeakers
Voice Of Music, V-M Audio Enthusiasts - Northville, MI
Volutone Distributing Company - Cerritos, CA
Votron Electronics Inc.
Voodoo Cable- Silver interconnect cable - by Dope Sounds Hifi - Germany
Von Schweikert Research Speakers
VMPS Audio Products
VPI Industries - Turntables, tonearms, and more related to vinyl
VT52 - Tube Supply & DIY
VTL - Vacuum Tube Logic - Chino, CA
V-Vox Sound Cylinders
VXM Network - 21st Web 'Zine technology convergence

Walrus Systems - London UK
Walters/Storyk Design Group
Wardsweb - SAE Audio, Home Theater, and more...
Warren Gregoire & Associates - World's smallest transmission line speaker
WATTGATE - Audio grade electrical connections
Watford Valves, Digitally matched and graded valves for the music industry, selling Electron Tubes, Vacuum Tubes, Guitar Valves, Mullard
Watson's Noise Control
Wavefront Acoustics - Loudspeakers
Wave Imaging - K-space Software - Modelization of acoustic and electromagnetic wave propagation
Wavelength Audio - Cincinnati, OH
Waves audio signal processing
WaveSpace - Audio design and consulting- Foothill Ranch, CA
WaveTools - suite of real-time audio analysis tools for high quality measurements
Wayne's Speaker Building Page - DIY speakers
WBE Audio - German manufcturer of high end speakers and electronics
WeberVST - Weber Vintage Sound Technology - Manufacturers of vintage style loudspeakers and other products for the vintage equipment enthusiast
Webofhifi - Audio enthusiast magazine
Weiss Engineering Ltd - digital audio equipment for mastering and recording studios
Welbourne Labs Audio Kits (Tube and Solid State)
Welcome to Wayne's World!
Wellspring Sound - Recording Studio - Concord, MA
We-Man's Electro Stuff
Western Electric Audio Products
Western Spirits - Audio Cable - Japan
Weststate A/V Systems distributors for CinePro - Australia/New Zealand
Westlake Audio
WHAT HI*FI? Magazine
Whatmough Monitors - Australian speaker manufacturer
Widescreen Review magazine - audio reviews
WinDraft affordable schematic design tool set
WIND RECORDS CO.,LTD     風潮有聲出版有限公司
wHifi - online high end retailer - Aventura, FL
Whirlwind USA - audio cables and wire
Whise - audio design and loudspeaker manufacturing company - Victoria Australia
Whisper Room Inc. - Vocal Booths for recording studios
White Instruments - Professional Audio Signal Processors
White Radio Limited - Burlington, Ontario
"White Van" Speaker Scam
WHITWAMS Sound & Vision - Winchester, UK
WHOI Ocean Acoustics Lab Home Page
Wholesale Audio
Wholesale Connection
William Cowan's DIY audio and speakerbuilding
WILLIAMS HART ELECTRONICS amplifier and audio kits
Wilmslow Audio - Loudspeakers
Wilson Audio Specialties
Wilson Audio Video Entertainment
Wilson Benesch Ltd
WINGENT(V.G.)ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.     文聲電子工業股份有限公司
Winsted - audio consoles and workstations
WinTaper - Tape Management Software
Wire Magic - automobile wiring software for car stereo installs
WireTronic Inc. - Specialty Wires of Many Types & Sizes
Wireworks Corporation
Wireworld Audio
Wisby Woofers - car audio team - Sweden
Wisdom Audio Corporation - Adrenaline Speakers
Wisma Audio Centre - Penang Malaysia
Wizzard Amplification
Wizards Electronics Repair Center
Wizdum Audio - Chicago, IL
W. Marshall Leach, Jr. - personal page - includes links to Audio and his Leach amp amd more
Wohler Technologies
Wohlram-studio of high fidelity - Johannes Krings - German site including active servo loudspeakers
Wood Speaker Systems
Wood Technology Incorporated - Loudspeaker Stands
World of Chunky - HiFi
World Wide Pro Audio Directory
WOW Store
Wraith - planar speaker manufacturer
Wray Music Lemoyne, Pa - Professional Sound products
Wright Sound Company - High Resolution Preamplifiers
WSDG - Walters-Storyk Design Group - Architectural Acoustics
Wumpus Oldtime Radio Page
WWW Home Page of Tomi Engdahl - audio & DIY links
WWW.LOUD-N-PROUD.DE - Alles rund um CarHifi und dB-Drag
Wyetech Labs - Tube amps and preamps

Zack Engineering
Zarathustra Turntable
Zaxcom - Digital Audio Mixers
Zeb Audio - mail order car audio - Stedman, NC
Zefiro Acoustics
Zeep.com - interfaces for digital recording consoles
Zenn Audio Components - Singapore
Zingali Loudspeaker - Omniray Horn Loudspeaker by Giuseppe Zingali from Italy
Zippo's Mobile Audio - NJ
Z-Man Corporation - Audio Signal Enhancer
Zoethecus - High Quality Audio Furniture
Z-Systems Audio Laboratories
zZounds Music Discovery Center - ADAT & DAT